SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis Matrix Listen to this postMany people associate SWOT analysis with the SWAT police force. SWAT team is a Special Weapon And Tactics team while SWOT analysis, the subject of this post, is the identifications and sorting of the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and threats. Strengths and weaknesses are internal issues, however, opportunities and threats are external matters which can be difficult to find and Control. Brainstorming may be required during the SWOT analysis because some of the items are not obvious and need abroad vision and “out of the box” thinking. Some of the items in the SWOT analysis can fit in two sides of the matrix. They can be a strength and threat at the same time or can be weakness but a good opportunity to explore. I used SWOT analysis before analyze Acer company in this blog. And I wrote in the blog before about my personal reasons to start a blog and that are the advantages and disadvantages to so so. I am today using the same subject for the SWOT analysis. The lost below is the result of my personal SWAT to blog. I have use the “Priority Matrix” to help me in the SWAT arrangement and I find it very useful application to use on your iPad if you are welling to spend few dollars.

SWOT analysis for personal blogging:
Strength :

  • Crystallize and integrate ideas while writing
  • My writing will be global
  • Writing release stress
  • Have many thoughts to share
  • Can use school work for the blog
  • Long work experience
  • My Academic knowledge


  • Some people may misunderstand the thoughts
  • Might get negative comments
  • Writing in English is a challenge
  • I have limited time for bogging

Opportunities :

  • Can blog on anywhere and anytime
  • Blog site is free
  • International reputation
  • People will ask for my expertise
  • Rewrite the post into s book
  • Display my ability to integrate the thoughts


  • Hackers may change what I wrote
  • May offend some people with my thoughts
  • Host site may accidentally delete the blog
  • Readers may copy my writing for their personal use.


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My Family Vacation

I started my summer vacation few days ago. I chose Dubai as the best place for this year’s vacation because my available time for traveling is short and Dubai has good offers on its top hotels and resorts. The flight to Dubai was reasonable but the full stay with the kids was interesting. The TV was on kids channels all the time (although they had their separate room but they always preferred staying in the same room I am setting in. I chose a hotel with many swimming pools and water rides (The Atlantis) I take the kids for a swim everyday under the Dubai hot sun and try to watch three kids at the same time. I got help from my wonderful wife who stay nearby watching us under the hot sun without enjoying the temperature-controlled swimming pool. The smell of chlorine is filing my nose until I go to sleep and my body ache to the point I can not pull my self up out of bed in the morning. Physically I feel exhausted but mentally I am very happy that I got this time to spend it totally with the family. I love kids and I have need hugging and kissing them constantly during this vacation to the point they started pushing me away?. Share/Bookmark

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Quite time to think

Listen to this postI was fortunate to visit Versailles Palace in France many years ago. After the guided tour we were given free time to walk through the place gardens. The gardens were beautiful and a simple walk through them would reduce your blood pressed by at least 10 mmHg. At the start of my walk I noticed an elderly couple setting on a long chair watching the beautiful view in front of them. They were about one meter a part (3 feet) from each other. I continued my walk around and came back to the same spot after 20 minutes and set down on a single chair and notice that the couple still at their same silence and still looking at the beautiful view ahead. I thought that what they were doing was boring and they might have reached the age were nothing matters anymore. So I sat and started enjoying the view and get lost in my thoughts. Before I knew it, I spent more than an hour of complete silence, similar to what the elderly couple were doing, and it was wonderful!

A distant family member in his 70’s used to set in his wheelchair for hours watching the sea. When we pass-by and greet him he sometimes replay to us and sometimes he just ignore us as if we do not exist. He seems lost in his thoughts and living his past by just watching the sea. Few years after that gentleman pass away I went to the Maldives islands. I use to set in the balcony of my bungalow after the tiresome deep water dives. Each time I set I get lost in my thoughts and spend hours relaxing and enjoying the ocean’s calm waters.
Lately, I do not have the luxury of traveling to these nice places but I still set alone in quite places for at least 30 minutes 3 times every week. I lay down or set without watching TV, listening to music or reading a book. I just relax and let my thoughts flow slowly and reflect on the things I have done or the problems I face. After about 30 minutes I would have good thoughts and practical solutions to whatever challenges I have. Just by simply setting alone and thinking. No TV, no music, no reading or writing, just plain simple thinking. My best ideas and most important decisions were the results of those quite sessions. The sad thing that many people live their lives without setting once in a quite session like that, and they miss the opportunity to clear up their minds and generate wonderful ideas. Go ahead, please try it for half an hour and you will start generating wonderful thoughts and ideas after you pass the 30 minutes mark, trust me!


Do I really want to go to work?

Listen to this postMost of us wake up every morning and go through the same daily routine to get ready for work. We fight our way in the crowded streets to reach the office (work place) just on time or few minutes late, or sometimes, few hours late! We dread the long working hours, complain about the extra work they dumped on us and sometimes we complain that we have nothing to do, just plain boring. We long for a vacation, long public holiday or occasional sick leave to relax for few days. If you just started working then you will be full of energy and would be looking forward to change the world. If you have worked for more that 10 years you would definitely know that you can change just small part of your daily routine. Some of us have worked for more than 20 years and asking them self “when will I be able to retire!” or why don’t I get that easy job in the corner office to just sign few papers every day to enjoy your especial cup of coffee. You would tell yourself that you deserve that easy job because you have earn it.

Occasionally, we get the thought of quitting, retiring or switching jobs but we forget or dismiss that thought after few minuets . However, few of us would seriously think about it and have difficult time deciding. The best way to know if you should quit, retire or switch jobs would be that morning routine. If you wake up in the morning but feel that you do not want to go to work, then it is time for you to make a decision about it. The decision would be based on not wanting to go to work because you do not want to go. This decision would not be applicable if you are physically tired, sleepy or sick. You would positively know that you just do not want to work at the same place because you hate working there. This is a gut feeling that you can not explain, but your body your brain and your legs would all tell you that they hate going to work at the same place. You should plan your future of either retiring, looking for another job, or shutting your mouth and stay at your current job until things get better. Never leave your job while you have financial commitments or family to feed with no other source of income to replace your monthly salary. Tomorrow when you wake up in the morning ask yourself “do I really want to go to work?


Why I Chose English for Writing

I was asked by my friends and blog readers “why do I write my posts in English?” My immediate reapply is my typing skills. I learn typing when I was doing my undergraduate degree in the US. Most of the papers then were supposed to be word-processed. So I leaned how to type my school papers on word perfect which was the dominant word processing program at that time. From the start, I forced my self to use five fingers for typing while most of my friends were typing with two fingers only. I had slow start in the beginning but I became faster after couple of years while my friends are still struggling with two fingers. The second reason for choosing English for my blog is the globalization. Yeas, globalization but not the globalization you know. I wanted to reach the maximum number of readers in the world. I figured that most of the Kuwaitis can read English and English is a universal language, so many readers would stop by and read my thoughts in the blog. So far, the blog receives almost the same percentage of readers from Kuwait and the United States. The pie chart shows the exact numbers from around the world.By the way, I can type in Arabic but by Arabic typing very slow. I tried to write in Arabic in my other blog but that consumed a lot of my valuable time. People who know me very well knows how much I value my time. The red dots on the map (below) represent the site visitors. You may notice that most of the readers are from Kuwait, United States, Europe and India.


5000 Visitors So Far…

Finally, the visitors counter had passed the 5000 mark. This blog was visited by more than 5000 visitors since I publicized it in January of this year. I had difficulty in maintaining my average posting of 3 posts per week and sometimes I was out of ideas to write about. Fortunately, the bog had an average of 900 visitors every month, which is a number I did not dream of. My target is to average 1000 visitors every month by the end of the year. I would like to thank you all for investing your valuable time in reading my thoughts, ideas and researches. I listed the top 5 posts were visited in the last 3 months:

  1. Relationship Marketing – Coca-Cola in In
  2. Quantitative or Qualitative
  3. احتفال الكويت بالعيد الوطني – رغوة وماء
  4. Where Does The Dove Nest
  5. Multicultural Business Environment


Note: the counter does not include my visits to the blog.

Should I Travel First Class

Listen to this postThe prestige of flying first class is felt before reaching the airport. In your way, the taxi driver would ask you if you are flying first, business or economy. Once you replay that you are flying first class his attitude will change and he will stop telling you the usual story that taxi business is not so good and that live is difficult in this country, he was doing better in the other job …. ! So one of the advantages of flying the first class is muting the taxi driver. The first and business classes have their privet checking in counters where a representative form the airline would greet you in the way and introduce you to a friendly face who will check you in very fast. Then you move to the  fast-track security check. You would see other passengers waiting in a long que for their turn for the security check.

After passing through the necessary checks you would go directly to first class lounge which has comfortable chairs, big screen TV’s and free food and drinks. You would wait in the lounge until most of the passengers board the airplane then you will be called to join them few minuets before the Airplane’s doors are closed. The first class seats are wide, cozy and comfortable. On my last trip on the British Airways I watched a movie on the big LCD screen then I went to the bathroom. On my way the flight attendant asked if I would like to have my seat converted to bed, and I said yes. I found the seat became flat with bed sheet covering it and a fluffy cover on top of it. So I said why not try sleeping since we have 4 hours of flying until we reach our distention. I adjusted the soft pillow and closed my eyes. I thought I slept for short time when I heard the announcement informing us that only 30 minutes are left before landing. I must have slept for 3 hours without knowing. I went to wash my face to come back and find the bed set has been removed and the seat is back in the normal position.

I was asked if I would like something to drink before landing, so I asked for a late’ and something sweet to eat with it. I remember in the economy class that you will not get a glass of water or permitted to leave your seat if the plane is going to land within 45 minutes. The airplane landed safely and I was one of the first people to clear out of the passport control section and get my luggage in my way home. Does it worth to pay that much and travel in first class? I do not know especially when the cost of first class ticket is triple the price of economy class. Many of us pay one-third of the traveling budget for the airline ticket. SO should you travel first class this summer?


Should I Buy an iPad

iPad with on display keyboard

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Listen to this postI ordered my iPad from a Kuwaiti site called Kuwait- mall because the Appel store was declining my orders on the ground that the available supply of iPad’s was not enough for the US market. So, I waited until the 3G model was available and ordered the highest capacity available. The order was done on May 9, 2010. I received the iPad after 17 days. The US price was $849 (KD245) and I paid KD 289 ($950) which is a reasonable price if you consider the shipping and handling cost. The official price in UK is £699 ($950 or KD300).

iPad (64, WiFi + 3G) KD Kuwaiti $ Dollars £ Sterling
Price in US 246 845 587
Price in UK 293 1,010 699
Price in Kuwait 428 1,475 1,020

The iPad screen resolution is fantastic, I did not know that a screen this clear does exist in the world. Now, while I am looking at what I am typing, I feel like reading clear text from a printed paper, the graphics even better. The keyboard is excellent. I practiced for about half an hour to get used to the keyboard. Now I type at the same speed I would type on a normal keyboard. The auto spell checker and the auto correction make my typing even better because the spell checker would display the full word while I am still typing it, all I need to do is to hit the space bar and the full word Is there. The spellchecker is excellent and the definition function is more convenient. If you are a Mac user you would know what I am talking about.

Most of the available applications are simple but powerful. When you check the iToons store you will find many applications to chose from. Most of applications are reviewed and ranked by users like you who purchased the application and posted their thoughts for others to read. The count reached 180,000 application to choose from but most of those applications are made for the iPhone. The iPhone applications will work on your iPad but with smaller display. There is an option to enlarge the iPhone application by 100% of its size but it would not be as sharp and clear as the iPad applications. iWork applications are the perfect alternatives for the Microsoft softwares: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Pages, Numbers and Notes are available for the iPad and they are powerful enough for a medium user who need the frequently used options to create documents, spread sheets and elegant presentations. iWork applications are stylish, powerful and simple enough to be learned and used by almost everybody. You can import Microsoft files to iWork applications effortlessly. You may see some minor error messages during the file conversions, but most of these error messages are due to the You will not retype or adjust a lot of the imported text and pictures. I imported some files and got the error report but could not figure out what was wrong because the document was fine. You may export your files in the original format or on Microsoft format (doc, ppt, xls) and pdf format that most of the users can import and read. I do not think that I will use Microsoft programs anymore as long as I can.

One of the best features is the iPad battery. I turned it on at 8:00 am and checked it’s power storage at 3:00 pm to find the power meter showing %47. We used the iPad for about 4 1/2 hours during that testing time. I say “we used it” because the kids were playing games on the iPad whenever they see it laying on the table and I am not around.

The iPad is cute, simple and light enough to hide in any bag or envelope. You would have to search for it between your printed materials in the bag! The question most of you are asking now is “Should I buy one?”.  My answer would be “it depends….”. If you are one of those heavy users who use specialized Programs and templets, then the iPad would not satisfy all of your needs. But if you need the iPad for regular use like: email, browsing, bloging, chatting on the Net, or writing stylish and professional documents (or presentations and spreadsheets) then the iPad would be a good choice for you especially of you need your laptop with you everywhere and most of the time.

You may be interested in reading “Are you new to the iPad” in this blog.

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How Long Should We Stay

Listen to this postI was asked how could I work for the same employer for a long time. I have worked with the same employer for about 30 years now. I joined the current employer in November 1980 when I had enough black hear on top of my head and a slim waist that I can only wish for now. I have gain a lot of weight which mostly not muscles.  Back then, I was eager and happy to work in an unforgiving environment like the refining industry. My start was with a team ten years older than me. They started bullying and pressuring me to quit. They asked me many times why would I work in such harsh conditions while I am still young and able to join less demanding and more prestige’s job. My answer would always be in the a derivative of the following question “…. and why are you still working in this environment if it is not good as you said!” usually they could not give a good answer. I knew then that I had a good job because they were trying to push me out of it.
The number one reason for me to stay with the same employer is the good salary and the frequent promotions I got. I was promoted relatively fast from one position to the other when I was a high school graduate and also when I got my engineering degree.  I should say that I got the degree by a generous  scholarship from the same employer.
The working team and the culture in the refinery is the second reason for me to stay with the same employer. The refinery is full of people who would help me when I ask them to, and they are always supportive when I needed support. They are more like a family to me than coworkers.  The daily challenges keep me busy and innovative constantly. These challenge are my third reason for staying with the same employer because routine or repetitive work is does not suit me. I would say that good salary, good benefits combined with daily challenges in a supportive environment would be a good combination for somebody like me to stay forever with a single employer.


Rediscover Quietness

Car with many big speakers

Listen to this postI use to drive a sport car fitted with an excellent sound system. I improved that system with more electronic gadgets that made the sound loader and crisper. I used to increase the sound volume so high that made the side mirrors shake with the beat of the drums in the song. I only lower the value when I stop at the traffic light so as I do not bather the drivers next to me. That was then, but now, I just smile when I hear the music coming from the passing sport cars and remember how much I enjoy that back then.

I punished my ears for about 18 months with load music until one day I drove the car while the stereo was off. It was a relaxing and comfortable feeling. Quite, no noise at all, just the sound of the air coming from the window. I drove for about 15 minutes then I realized that I am missing the music, so I switched on the stereo, but switched it off immediately. I rediscover quietness and the comfort it brings with it. I was like carrying extra wight for 18 months and then suddenly dropped it down. Now I only listen to smooth jazz while working on the computer and listen to audio-books while driving. I wonder what other drivers listen to these days?


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