So Quiet …

Big Kite

The big kite in the quiet sky

I took a look at the social networks in the Net and I found the activities are considerably low except for those professionals who drafted generic message ready for pushing during the holidays. It is good to enjoy the off days and relax from the stressful work environment or family responsibilities.

The Japanese are known for their dedication and long working hours but they are also known for work related stress and health problems caused by the long working hours and daily crowded commutes to and from home.

We need a break from almost everything we routinely do. We need to be relaxed, free and peaceful like the big kite flying in the quiet sky not caring for whatever going around us (or below us). However we need that invisible thread to connect us with reality down on earth.

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Who are you !

Traditional Tea

I am enjoying my morning tea the traditional way on the first morning of year 2010. I spent last night greeting and wishing my friends a Happy New Year. I sent emails, called many of them and SMS the rest. I also used some of the iPhone applications to help me reaching most of my friends and colleagues. Because it was the new year evening, I received less gratings than I hoped for. Some replied “You too” some said “wish you the same” and few of them replied “Who are you ?!”

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