What is Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Value proposition is the main reason costumers seek a specific product or service over other competitors. It represents the value expected for the cost the costumer is prepared to pay. The expected value should equal or exceed the perceived cost. The company should offer a single or a mix of products or services that benefits the targeted customers who will be in a position to distinguish the product or service from the available products and services available in the market. The customer should find the value of what the company is offering and this value must equal or exceed the cost of what the customer is willing to pay for it. The company needs a proof that the product or service worth the cost to build the customer relationship that sustains customer satisfaction and sales repeatability.


Technical Position Training

Technical employees need intensive technical training but also need managerial and leadership training to advance in their jobs. Some organizations start the administrative and managerial training too late which make the technical employees struggle in approving and implementing their ideas.

Technical Position Training Model

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