Thank You … Keep The Change!

Listen to this postMost of us used taxi services at some point of our lives and there is a great chance that we have been robbed by the taxi driver. The taxi drivers perfected a simple trick which they use often and they never were caught by anybody. For example, you arrive at your destination and the fair meter shows the total amount of  £16.35. So you hand in  a bill of £50 to the taxi driver. He would reach for his wallet and hand you a £10 note then start handing you the pounds 1, 2, 3 then search for the smaller coins and take some time to find them. At this point you would say “Thank you…please keep the change !“. He will drive a way with £20.15 you gave to him willingly. Next time you are in a taxi and the driver give you the coins just stop there and keep your mouth shut. You notice that he will reach to another wallet to hand you the £20. Smart trick and you can not accuse them of anything. I have seen the same trick done in many countries without exceptions. Did you experience similar tricks?


Morning walk

One of the things I like to do is walking. I usually listen to an audio-book while enjoying the scenery. One can be optimistic to have nice weather in Kuwait to walk, but unfortunately I use the hot weather as an excuse for replacing the healthy walk by a cheesecake.
When I travel outside Kuwait I try to maximize my walking routine. The picture here is during my early morning walk in the Hyde park in London earlier this month.

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