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Listen to this postI have used the iPad for sometime now and was asked by a close friend to recommend some of the applications I used so far. I listed some of them below but the best guideline I would recommend for purchasing and using an application for your iPad would be the number of stars the users rated the application in the App Store. Aways chose applications that have the plus sign displayed next to the price tag. The plus sign means that the app will work on your iPad and iPhone. If you do not have iPhone until now, you will buy yours very soon after you use the iPad. I can not tell you which app is best for you but most of the apps are priced between $1 to $3 less than your Starbucks Latte, so do not feel bad when you buy the application and find it disappointing.  One last advice to the iPad users: do not use the Jail Break no mater how wonderful the idea seems.

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Application Free Type Remarks
Pages No Prof. Equivalent of Word in windows although I find this application much better for the regular user
Keynotes No Prof. Equivalent of PowerPoint in windows although I find this application much better and easier for the regular user
Numbers No Prof. Equivalent of Excel in windows although I find this application much simpler for the regular user
OmniGraffle No Equivalent of Visio in windows although I find this application much better for the regular user
Digits Nice calculator but there are many of them in the App store. You may choose another one according to your needs and taste
Twitter Yes A social networking application if you like to tweet.
OmniFocus No Prof The best task organization App. This app had more functions than the regular user need, but the options and functions let you organize and achieve your task in a professional way. App price is $39.99 but worth the money if you are serious about your tasks.
Todo No Pro Excellent task organization App. good functions and options and recommended for the regular users. I stopped using this app after i installed the OmniFocus.
Corkulous No Nice app to organize your thoughts and ideas. The app will help you visualize your thoughts in a fun and simple way. You can export the action list in this app as a task in the Todo app mentioned above
FlipTime XL No Nice time display and alarm. There are many you can choose but this is my personal favorite.
AccuWeather Yes Free app with excellent weather display.
GoodReader No To view and download PDF files.
iBooks Yes To buy and read digital books
Priority Matrix No Prof Excellent thought and priority sorting application that is easy to use and organize. The best SWAT analysis application I used so far.
Pocket Pond Yes To relax and unwind.
Flipboard Yes To organize and display multiple feeds in a magazine like display.
Angry Birds No Game Must have.The best so far
RealRacingHD No Game Steer the car by tilting the iPad
MultiPong Yes Game Nice game
Pinball HD No Game Good resemblance of the Pinball game we use to play 30 years ago
Fruit Ninja No Game Must have
UZU No To relax and unwind.
Super 7 HD Yes Game Educational and relaxing game

Life Without The Internet

Listen to this postIn the past two weeks I had to experience few days without the invisible wireless service of the internet. One of the reasons was my personal vacation and I wanted to stay away from my daily routine, the 24 hours connectivity and the virtual social network. I tried to stay away from the internet but could not. Many of us are addictive to the internet. Most of us use the internet for work and professional uses but we socialize from time to time on the Internet even during the working hours just to break out from the stressful work environment. During my stay in the hotels I had to pay the expensive and unrealistic internet fees just to stay connected. What I paid for few days in the hotel is enough to get me connected on a high-speed internet at home for a month, but again I am addicted to the Internet. The second reason I need the internet is to continue my commitment to the readers of this blog. I maintained my “three posts per week” through my most difficult times and tried to make up for the days I missed if that rarely happened. The third reason I need the Internet is my daily access to the digital libraries for my researches. I usually use this third reason to justify my need for the Internet but actually I need the Internet for the other reasons also. I have internet service on my mobile phone, on my iPad and I got wireless serves at home and at work just to stay connected all the time. I do not know about you, but I am hooked on the Internet.


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