Cirque Du Soleil

Listen to this postI never been in a circus before but have seen many of them on TV. I finally got the chance to see one when I am at the age of 48! (it is never too late to go the circus.) Cirque Du Soleil is ranked between the top circuses in the world and they were performing in my hometown Kuwait. So, I booked the tickets one month ago and told the kids that we are going to the circus to make them ready for the excitement. The ticket cost KD 20 ($65) and I thought it will worth it. I was told to go early since there are no assigned seating for the tickets, so I was there with the eager family 90 minutes early. To my surprise, half of the parking lot was full and people are rushing in.

The first shock I got when I discover that the circus will be performed in open are theater without big tents. I always associated the circus with tents but it did not mater since the weather was nice. The second shock I got when I found out that the stage was at least 200 meters (218 yards) away form the first available seat and the seat were arranged on a flat ground. So all I could see is the back of the hundreds of people in front of me! There was big screens on the side but I did not pay that much of money to watch the circus on large screens. The seats were not comfortable, but the kid had cheep cotton-candy and cold pop corn. And we left the show after 30 minuets because we could not enjoy the show. The circus performers were excellent, the music was live and the light and sound effect were amazing. But we could not see most of it. I wonder if most of the circuses are arranged the same way?

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Live Without TV

Listen to this postMany people like TV and the entertainments it deliver to our homes, but recently, most of the entertainments are targeted to attract the audience attention than entertain them. The best entertainment for me is documentaries and scientific programs. By watching these program I would be educated if not entertained and I would not be stressed or sad like if I watched the drama or reality TV. The new shows are encouraging us to vote by sending an SMS message that cost the price of a good meal!?
Last week was a long holiday in Kuwait and most of the people either traveled out of Kuwait or stayed and enjoyed the nice weather in the outdoors. My relatives were in the chalet for most of the holiday. I noticed that most of the teenagers were spending their time in the outdoors. They enter the chalet only for the basic necessities. They had so much fun by socializing, walking and talking. They enjoyed relaxing peacefully and watch the sea and nobody was watching the TV? But before the long holidays they were addicted to the TV and were wasting most of their valuable time watching unimportant programs. I guess they are now back to watching the  TV although they discovered how unimportant it was!

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Going to the Movies

Listen to this postI do not spend much time enjoying the entertainment most of the people do, or at least not the same way they did. I listen to music from my PC or iPad while I working or studying and using the Internet. I usually listen to Smooth Jazz music on one of the Internet radio channels. I do not watch TV! In a full week I would spend about one hour watching TV only because it was switched on one by somebody else. For example the TV is now switch on one of those 24 hours cartoon channels and I am now typing this post thinking that I am spending quality time with the kids! I entertain myself by spending time chatting with my wife or drinking tea with my mother. I do that almost everyday. I do not go out to coffee shops, restaurants, theaters or other public functions, but I enjoy going to the movies. Every weekend, and sometime weekdays, I would dress up and take my wife to the movies. I like sci-fi, adventure, and drama. I only chose movies which are ranked 6.5/10 or above. I usually buy nachos with cheese and jalapeño. Every time I eat the jalapeño I wake up the next day with a troubled stomach, but again, I would have the same Nachos and jalapeño next time I go to a movie. I consider the weekly movie as major entertainment that break my busy weakly routines. I wonder what other busy people do to entertain themselves?

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