How To Deliver A Presentation With Confidence

Delivering the Presentation

Delivering the Presentation

Listen to this postIn the past two months I presented two different technical papers in two major conferences. It was not easy and needed good preparations. The latest paper was presented in the 13th Middle East Corrosion Conference and Exhibition in Bahrain. The paper was presented within the allotted time and generated many interesting questions which continued during the coffee break. I thought of sharing some of the tips I use to deliver my technical paper with confidence:

  1. Write the paper by yourself, do not let anybody else to,write it for you. You will subconsciously synthesis the information while writing and keep the information for future use.
  2. Prepare the presentation by yourself. Avoid using text automation and “cool tricks”, they might stop functioning during the presentation or function wrongly when the presentation is installed on a different PC.
  3. Last minute changes in the presentation will make you nervous, avoid them unless they are necessary. You may complicate your presentation or mistakenly drop some slides during the last minute changes.
  4. Go early to the conference place so you do not get stuck in the traffic. When you reach the presentation hall, get familiar with the place, lights, podium and microphone.
  5. Check the loaded presentation in the PC. It might be distorted because the presentation is transferred to anther of PC. If possible, stand at the podium and switch on the microphone. Talk or do quick rehearsal of your presentation while you are still standing at the podium. You will get used to hearing yourself through the speakers and will get familiar to the presentation position and relax a bit.
  6. When presenting, avoid unnecessary jokes unless you have tried them before and they were funny without offending anybody.
  7. You will be nervous in the first 5 minutes of the presentation, this is normal. The intensity of your nervousness depends on the situation and your confidence level.
  8. Stick to the time allotted for your presentation. Try to finish early to avoid rushing through your summary and concluding remarks. Most of your audience are interested in the conclusion. Make sure you deliver it clearly and slowly.
  9. When somebody ask you a question that you can’t answer just say ” Thank you, this is an interesting question… I never thought of it this way. I will explore it and give you the answer…I need your email to send the answer to you” hold you pen and write the question.
  10. Smile and thank the audience for their participation and excellent questions.

That’s it, you have done it.

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A Mathematical Queiz

Implicit plot

xy = x + y + 14 and (y - x = 2)

There are two numbers, the difference between them is two. Their multiplication equal their sum plus fourteen?

A similar questions was asked few days ago on facebook between teenagers. One of teenagers did not know the answer (or maybe the question). The other was able to answer it in few minutes. The time taken to answer the question was impressive. They might had help from an adult or a calculator but at least they have the motivation to answer it.

This questions represent a hyperbola and can be mathematically represented by:

xy = (x + y) + 14

y – x = 2

that can be reduced to

y = (x + 14) / (x – 1) where x – 1 ≠ 0

Hyperbola according to WolframAlfa definition is an open curve formed by a plane that cuts the base of a right circular cone. So to reach the desired answer for the question you may replace an integer in place of x and calculate the result. You should start by the number 2 because x -1  ≠ 0. You will reach the result when you set x = 4 and then y will equal 6.

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Is YouTube Educational?

Google - YouTube

Google - YouTube

Listen to this postYouTube was online five years ago in February 15, 2005. The site was designed by young and energetic programmers who sold it to Googlefor $1.6 billion after one year. YouTube platform had about 100 million videos and 72 million visitors daily when it was sold to Google. Now, about 350 million visitors view 5 billion pages every day. The latest internet site ranking according to Alexa are: 1- Google, 2- Facebook, 3- Yahoo, 4- YouTube and 5- Windows Live. The site host mixed videos that rage for plain stupid to scientific and educational videos. I have discussed this subject with my friends and they claim that YouTube is addictive because the moment you finish watching an interesting video you would be presented with two similar videos to watch. Since YouTube has advantages and disadvantage, the Question here is: Can YouTube be educational?

YouTube Headquarters in California

YouTube Headquarters in California

The researchers, Fralinger and Owens(2009),  selected 61 graduate students and 20 non graduate students to test the effectiveness of educational material made by the students and uploaded in YouTube. The qualitative study, which was published in a peer-reviewed journal two months ago, showed statistical significance on the benefits of using YouTube as an educational method. Students responded “Everything was very helpful for the exams and very good to view and use in a school classroom.” So next time you are caught watching YouTube at work or while studying you can argue that YouTube is entertaining and educational!


Fralinger, B., & Owens, R. (2009). You tube as a learning tool. [Article]. Journal of College Teaching & Learning, 6(8), 15-28.

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