Why Do I Blog?

Listen to this postI was asked by my friends the same question “why do you write in a blog” or sometimes they ask “what’s the point of writing a blog”. Well, there are many reasons for me to write in a blog and I hope you would agree with me on these reasons. The first reason is materializing my thoughts and ideas in a written form that I can document for myself and the others to read. I have mentioned my love of reading especially business books. From reading so many books I would come up with thoughts that can be integrated in a single idea. I would write this idea  in the blog for everybody to read. I sometimes write to answer a question that my readers asked or some of my friends had consulted me on a business subject. Many of the post are actually part of my doctoral program classwork and homework. I research them and write them for class participation but then I would post them in the blog for others to benefit from them.

This post is the 100th post since I started blogging. My target to write 3 posts every week to reach a minimum of 153 post by the end of this year. Reaching 100 post in the first six months is exceeding the preset target and I hope I can sustain this enthusiasm. I have written two books so far and plan to combine the posts in this blog into a book later on after I write enough information. Writing the book in small portions like these posts would relieve me from having to write the book on one go which will needs dedicated time and effort (and both are not available).


Self Development Programs are Like Ice Cream

Listen to this post

Robin Sharma and Me

Robin Sharma and Me

Yesterday I attended a nice full day workshop by the best-selling author Mr. Robin Sharma. His most popular book is “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari“. I enjoyed the workshop but there is a variety of self-development books which I read before made this workshop look similar. Once you read few of these self-development books you will find them repeat the same principles. They are like choosing a flavor at Baskin-Robbins, the color and taste might be different but the basic ingredient is Ice Cream. I distilled the presentation to the following important points:

  • All human are equal and anybody can be an amazing leader.
  • We all have equal opportunities which we should take advantage of before it is too late.
  • We need to set long-term personal targets (10-50 years) and then dissect them into smaller tasks.
  • Work everyday on 1% of the task (or goal). You will accomplish the goal withing the target date without being overloaded.
  • Ice Cream

    Baskin Robins Ice Cream

    Keep on focusing on your goals all the time.

  • Fall in love or be passionate about what you do. Keep your focus on that ultimate goal and neglect other distractions.
  • Do not make yourself a victim. Do not blame other people or circumstances for your failures.
  • Learn from you failures, they are a good opportunity to learn.
  • Do not be afraid of risk. Change will always bring the best in you.

Mr. Robin Sharma has a good presentation style that captivate the audience and has a talent for telling passionate stories that makes the audience want to cry. On my scale I would give Mr. Sharma 7/10 when compared with other motivational speakers.


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Try Listening to Your Books


Freakonomics my favorite book

AudioI love to read and I am sure that you like it too because you chose to spend some time reading (or listing) to this post. I do not read newspapers though, I just skim through the newspaper‘s pages and then throw it away every morning. Few yours ago I heard about the audio books, and I thought of trying them instead of reading the regular paper back books. I did not like it in the beginning because I like the feel of holding the book and  paging through it, but then I liked the convenience of listening to the book while I am on the move.  The main problem with audio books is the impression they give to others. When you see somebody holding a book you would imagine that they are educating themselves.

I am listening to

I am listening to

But if you see somebody inserting those white ear-buds in their ears and listing to an audio book you would think that they are wasting time listening some useless music. Do not get me wrong, I like music and I am now listening to one of the Smooth Jazz internet radio channels now while writing this post.

I was able to read, or better said, listen to a book every week. Which total to almost 50 books every year. I listen to the book while I am driving, walking or while exercising in the gym. Below I listed (alphabetically) some of the books I listened to in the past few months and I would like to recommend them to you. Go ahead try listening to books instead of reading them and let me know about your new experience. Also, please recommend for me a good book that you read and enjoyed.

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