What kind of Leadership do you need

Behavior-based Safety (BBS) is intangible process with intangible results. Implementing BBS process in an organization will require a great effort form the leader. A general definition of a leader is set by (Navahandi, 2006) as “any person who influences individuals and groups within an organization, helps them in the establishment of goals, and guides them toward achievement of those goals, thereby allowing them to be effective.”
The transformational leadership style was first introduced by the Pulitzer-Prize-winner James M. Burns, who is one of the first scholars who identified the transformational leadership theory in 1978 (Jandaghi, Matin, & Farjami, 2008). The transformational leader guides the followers to solve the organizations problems and improve their businesses by changing the way they look at the problem. This kind of leaders motivates the followers to gain support for their visions (Judge, & Bono, 2000). The transformational leaders are motivators and usually charismatic. Such leaders will always think of new ways to serve their organizations.
Transformational leaders have common traits identified by Clawson (2008) to be:
1. Change agents
2. Daring but not carless
3. Trust their followers and facilitate requirements
4. Originate set of principles and values for themselves and their followers.
5. Open for new ideas and welling to change in favor of the others.
6. Intellectual.
7. Trust their intuitions.
A study by Smith, Montagno, Kuzmenko,(2004) concluded that transformational leadership would be best used in a dynamic organization to reap its benefits. Such visionary organizations have empowered employees with greater responsibility that needs to innovate and take risk. Transformational leader will be the best leader to setup BBS process in the organization and mange the change associated with it.

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