Airbus A380 waiting for Airbus A380

The old cliché state “there is a first time for everything” and many of you had seen the first E-mail, first photo and the first news coverage on the new Airbus A380. The picture below shows the first time two Airbus A380‘s about to fly back to back. Think of the success of Airbus, they sold so many A380‘s to the point where one of them has to wait for the other to take off.
Henri Matisse, one of the best-known painters of the 20th century, once said “there is a flower everywhere, if you bother to look”. In other words beauty comes in different shapes and colors but we are too busy to notice it. To some of us, the picture is only showing two big airplanes standing on the runway.  To the other readers, the pictures display two beautiful birds about to fly.  The picture below is a first time event captured by an excellent photographer who happens to be a pilot flying the next plane on the queue. The photographer is Kuwait Airways flight officer Mr. Feras Malallah who is a professional photographer when not flying one of the Airbus airplanes.

Airbus 380 waiting for Airbus 380 to take off

Airbus A380 waiting for Airbus A380 to take off

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