About Me

Presenting my first boom to the Oil Minister

Presenting my first book to the Oil Minister


During my interview in Kuwait Radio

I was born in Kuwait and raised in a small Island 25 km off Kuwait shores. Finished high school in 1980 and joined Kuwait National Petroleum Co. (KNPC) as petroleum refinery operator. Honored with a scholarship, I joined University of Dayton in 1987 for my undergraduate studies. In 1992 I received BS degree in Chemical Engineering after one year interruption during the Iraqi invasion & occupation of Kuwait. Working back in KNPC as an engineer, I climbed the ladder to reach Operations Manager position in Mina Abdullah Refinery. This refinery is the most efficient and profitable refinery in Kuwait.

I joined Maastricht school of Management (MSM) outreach program in Kuwait in 2006 when I saw the need to sharpen my managerial skills. I received my MBA degree in April 2008 after two wonderful learning years in MSM. Going back to school was a challenge with the demanding working schedule and family responsibilities.

Now at the age of 47, I find life shorter than what I was told when I was a kid. I manage my time efficiently to accomplish the urgent & important and plan the important before it becomes urgent. This leaves me just little time to watch TV or go to the movies. I am married to a wonderful Ophthalmologist, and blessed with three boys and a girl.

You may see my full profile information in LinkedIn or follow my news and thoughts on tweeter @SamiMalallah

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20 Responses to About Me

  1. a.mohanna says:

    are you sure 46 years.

  2. Ali Alawadhi says:

    I am really impressed with the blog sami. It is really nice to share beautiful and interesting thoughts with others. As I always say as a younger generation, we cant catch-up with you. All the best.

  3. Mohammad AL-Mutairi says:

    Dear Sami
    Congratulations for your new Blog and I thought to share with you this which you might use in your Blog if found useful.

    Kuwait in 1961

    Mohammad AL-Mutairi

  4. Wael AlJasem says:

    My friend, I am very happy that you are sharing with us this blog and your wonderful thoughts. You have always been an inspiration and I do wish you the best of luck and success. Keep it up.

  5. Dear Sami

    I am happy that you have a website and you are always good thinker but your load is high, wish you the best and success in your study and work.

    Bo Ali

  6. Nihar Ranjan Pal says:

    An excellent and very informative blog. I often wonder when do you find the time to so many things. It must be GODS BLESSINGS & WISHES. Hope you will continue to guide and enlighten us with your thoughts.

    • I try to manage my time the best I can, but all I got is only 24 hrs per day! I tried to increase them but could not. I think this will be a good topic to blog about, although many did write about it.

  7. Jamal Mohamad says:

    I am very much happy about your blog. It is really inspiring to me and i wish you the best Bo-ahmad. I hope soon you get your PHD. Your dedication and hard work through out the years should be an inspiration to the new generation .

  8. Mohammad AL-Mutairi says:

    Dear Sami
    Thought sharing with you and others the Top Ten Articles of 2009 According to Mckinsey quarterly

  9. ambonkaart says:

    Found this blog accidentally, but love it.
    Greetings from Indonesia 🙂

  10. Sami,

    Nice blog as I enjoyed reading about your life story. You have a interesting life and contributed greatly to society at large. Keep charging….your life has just begun….oh yea I beat you by two years and I’m about to graduate with Doctoral degree (that’s my challenge for you…get your Doctoral degree). Life is what you make of it….Stay Gold my friend. Also, I’m creating a not-for-profit organization to assist Arab and Muslim Veterans of America in their transition back home from Iraq, Afghanistan and other war zones. When it comes online, I let send you know via email….just to show that you can still change the world and there is still lots of work to do (that’s my other challenge for you). With these challenges I depart with Wa Salam Alikum my friend.

    Ali S. Kadi

  11. David Buehler says:

    Sami, thank you for your blog. I just happened across it and wanted to write and thank you for the information. I worked for Bechtel Corporation and was allowed the privilege of coming to Kuwait to help put out the oil well fires and post-fire reconstruction. I loved my time in Kuwait and, although I spent the majority of my time in the oil fields, I spent some time in the Mina Abdullah Refinery as well. I went into Kuwait early on (we were actually processed into the country by US Army which amazed me after all my years working in Saudi Arabia). I was severely distressed by all the damage and looting done to such a peace loving and beautiful country as Kuwait but blessed by the rapid recovery I saw during my two years there. I was reading recently about the many projects being undertaken to prepare Kuwait for a post-oil future and it is very heartening to see a future being mapped out.

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