How To Write A Strategy

Strategy Strategy according to Business Dictionary is a plan crafted to reach a goal or solution to a problem. Strategic planning takes the form of defining the organisation overall direction and allocating its resources and capabilities to achieve its mid to long-term gaols. A simple example would be the act of traveling by car from city A to city B. The resources required would be a car, map, money, food and drinks. The strategic objective would be reaching city B safely at set time with the lowest cost and effort. The strategic planning take place before the trip start detailing the main route to take and an alternative route. The plan should include when and where to stop for fuel, food and rest. The organisation should do similar planning for its mid and long-term strategic objective. Continue reading …

Stratgy Model

Simplified Business Coaching

Businbusiness_grey_stickmen_shake_hands_pc_800_clr_1570ess coaching provides the business owner time and space to stand down and reflect on the overall business. Business coaching will give the leadership team the opportunity to voice their concerns, discuss their challenges, and future circumstances. Business and personal coaching are similar, to some extent, to sport coaching because the coach will help the individuals to discover their true capabilities and overcome mentally set limitations. 

Business and personal coaching are both build on the trust between the coach and the client. A professional coach asks the right question at the right time to provoke the client thoughts and imagination. Business coaching is located between therapy and consulting. The coach’s power-questions inspire the client to search through his or her experience to find new answers and the means to overcome the challenge or solve the problem.

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What is Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Value proposition is the main reason costumers seek a specific product or service over other competitors. It represents the value expected for the cost the costumer is prepared to pay. The expected value should equal or exceed the perceived cost. The company should offer a single or a mix of products or services that benefits the targeted customers who will be in a position to distinguish the product or service from the available products and services available in the market. The customer should find the value of what the company is offering and this value must equal or exceed the cost of what the customer is willing to pay for it. The company needs a proof that the product or service worth the cost to build the customer relationship that sustains customer satisfaction and sales repeatability.


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