Meetings: What Is Really Going On?

Listen to this postWe spend few hours everyday in meetings. Some meetings are short and simple, like a one-on-one meeting to discuss specific issues and take decisions. Other meetings are usually last between half to full hour with attendance between 3 to 7 participants half of them do not know why they are sent to the meeting. Some meetings are large, noisy, crowded and long. They are more like a workshop than a meeting but they exist in the business world and many of us had survived few of them. These large meetings are the least productive meetings because they are difficult to control. It would be almost impossible In such meetings to listen to every participants’ input and give them enough time to discuss their thoughts.
Mismanaged meeting consume the management time and effort and hold the participants in a place were they are only listening instead of working on important issues outside the meeting. You will know that you are in a mismanaged meeting when the participates have side talks and others are frequently checking their iPhones and Blackberries instead of participating in the meeting. You will know that you have been in a good meeting when everybody leave the room knowing enough about the subject to describe it to anybody who ask them about it later. The participants in a good meeting will leave the meeting with a set of actions to take with a specific outcome on a target date. They know whom they should contact for clarifications and to whom they should report their progress. This post is an introduction to a series of posts on the same subject I will be updating in the coming days.

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6 Responses to Meetings: What Is Really Going On?

  1. Khulood Al-Hamdan says:

    I believe that most of meetings become routine , therefore your mission as managers in order to reduce these meetings and scaled down to the lowest possible number,

    One day I had formal meeting with Sultan Center Director and he told me about their small meeting policy its always be fast during the lunch period as friendly mutually conversation or during break time for 10 minutes to explain observations and ended with a collective useful solution agreement .which is really admirable

  2. Masaya says:

    What I like about the internet, in aotididn to the 24/7 educational aspect which beats going to class, taking notes and tests plus paying tuition, is that it allows me to check in with some of my friends who are living other experiences I get to vicariously explore worlds they have found and/or create I love stepping into your world from time to time to see what I missed along the way (Poker was one of the things but I am making up for lost time!)-You have a spontaneous spark that never dims and a generous spirit that never stops giving.You invite us all into your world and I want to thank you for that .I wish I could get to LV for the up the Rivers tournament it will be hilarious! I love the FTP and never would have found the time or made the time to find the video but because it is on your website and I admire and respect you I looked at it and it made me smile Life is great and you help make it better! Way to go Annie ps I think Joe did a great open for L&O!

  3. Manoj says:

    Hi Patricia and I went to the Littlebourne apiary and found it most inttsering and made to feel welcome We were treated to tea & cakes. Lovely they were too. Thank you Chris for telling us about the wood treatment. I have now got the lifetime wood treatment from the internet. We would like to host a meeting when we are up & running as we both think it is a good way of getting to know other beekeepers .

  4. Junico says:

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  5. Lilian says:

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