Take A Note

Listen to this postWe have many wonderful ideas that cross our minds but we forget them after a while. Som experts estimated that every person would have thought of four new ideas that can make him or her a millionaire every year. But we do not record the ideas or elaborate on them. One simple tool can help work on these ides. The tool is a simple a notebook and a pen or pencil. You can use your phone or PDA as a notebook if you are a tech savvy. Record the idea in the note taking device and let it there for some time. Check you notebook from time to time and think about what you have written it, and start wondering “is this is a good idea?” should I develop it any further? Do not delete the note if you do not think it has any value now. Just keep it there in the notebook it guarantee that it will not harm you. You brain will be working on the idea subconsciously without you knowing about it. After some time the idea will be more detailed and organized to form a concept that fits in a useful context. So, keep a noting device near you always and write your thought whenever possible, who knows you might be a millionaire very soon!

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