Let’s Talk About The Weather

The best conversation ice breaker is the weather. When you have nothing good to say, but you want to start a decent conversation, you can start by saying “We are having a nice weather today” or  “It is cold/hot today!” and that’s it. You just started a nice conversation with a friend, family member or a total stranger.

The weather in November in Kuwait is amazing. It is not cold, not hot or humid. It is just nice to be outside to talk, walk or enjoy you cup of tea. If you are now in Kuwait and happen to be near a tree called Sedra then I would recommend that you just stop by it and smell the nice scent from its beautiful white flowers. The smell is similar to the Jasmin scent but with a desert twist. The smell usually last of a month and after that a delicious fruit will replace the flowers. I took this picture with my phone and I was lucky to catch a busy bee selecting the best flowers for its honey.

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About Sami Malallah
My thoughts and ideas are without politics, sarcasm or negativity. Please comment on them and share them with others.

4 Responses to Let’s Talk About The Weather

  1. Iqbal says:

    o true . The weather issue is the easiest and the most magnificent subject to start with your chit chatting .  Spacailly when you sit with aggressive or pessimistic people . You start by describing the sunshine then the refreshing breezes , the birds singing and early birds people ,,,,,,  
    By the way , I did smell the fragrance of the Sedra in Alrawdah ,,, it’s really magnificent 
    Thank you  for such a refreshing subject 🙂

  2. Helal says:

    To be honest, people like my self locally experienced get used and are over the subject of the “weather” you can easily and fast start the chit chat by jumping to the issue of rush hours, low experienced labors or foreigners, and complaining “non-stop :). ( negativity) that’s the word.

    On the other hand, it is correct the weather is the number one switch ON conversation abroad .

    Thank you

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I agree with you, we should alway be positive.

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