Planning and Arranging Time

Listen to this postMost of us are busy. Some are busy at work, others are busy with school work, many are busy socializing and networking. Most of us return back home and complain that we don’t have enough time for everything we want to do. The best time maker is planning. The general rule says that ten minutes of  planning will save you 100 hundred minutes in execution. You will have an organized and well planned tomorrow if you spare few minutes by the end of each day to plan what you are going to do tomorrow. By planning you will identify which activity has more importance and value for your time and effort. You will also plan the best time to do each task. Your subconscious will be working on your pan while you are sleeping and you would wake up with a refined plan in the morning. Changes and new issues in the morning will demand some changes to your plan but overall you will have a more productive day if you plan it a head of time. Without a plan, you will be like building a house without deciding how many rooms are needed and how many windows for each room. By planning, you would know were the furniture will be arranged in every room before hammering the first nail.

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