There Is Only 24 Hours Every Day

Listen to this postWe have only 24 hours in every day. I am sure that you know this fact but I just thought of reminding you. Some of us would like to have more hours everyday, while many people complain of boredom and say “I have nothing to do” or “I can not think of anything interesting things around me!”  I am one of those people who wish we can store time and use it when we need it most. But actually I do not have extra time to store for later use. I consume most of my time between work, exercise, family and study. Oh, yes, I forget to mention sleep!

Some days I come home from work at 5 PM to have my main hot meal then take a long nap ( or short sleep) and wake up at 9:00 PM to start studying until the early hours of the morning. Late night studying is very good because of the concentration. No distractions because everybody at home would be sleep or ready to sleep. The worst part of this plan is messing the quality time with the family and the uncontrolled weight gain. For those who complain of boredom I would recommend they read a book.

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6 Responses to There Is Only 24 Hours Every Day

  1. Bu Yousef says:

    I love the idea of storing time (or time credit) for later use.

    Your family need you! Try to spend more time with them. Maybe by doing some studying at work…
    Good luck with juggling life.

  2. iqbalgreen says:

    I agree ,, we don’t need to have more hours a day or to store time to use it when we need . If we manage our time well and by ourselves ( not by others ) , we will be satisfied with 24 Hrs .
    Sami about your daily plan , I think it’s fine sometimes to live differently ( not the same daily routine ) when it is temporary, especially when it comes to our goals and when you have a nice partner like your wife. Sooner you will enjoy the quality time with your family and success .
    For those who do not have anything to do in their life , I recommend volunteer works .

    Thanks for sharing with us your thoughts and ideas 🙂 Good luck

  3. Ali Al-Awadhi says:

    You have touched something very challenging (you have hit the bulls eye) … I know what you are going through since I just submitted my thesis. I try to make my kids happy by letting them plan and be fully in charged on every Friday (Full Day from wake up time to back to sleep at night). Doing this makes me crazy sometimes especially if there selection is not suitable for me!! but I feel happy at the end of the day … and feel good knowing that they are happy. Please keep up the the dedication and note that you are the light house that guide us to the shore.

    • Thank you for stopping by my humble blog. Glad that smart people like you are visiting the blog. I like the idea of one full day dedecated for your family, I wish I can do that. I am looking forward to read your thesis when you officially publish it. Good luck in defending your thesis, although I am sure you will not need luck.

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