10,000 Hits In 10 Months

I am speechless, I can not thank you enough for visiting my humble blog. yesterday the blog passed an important milestone which is the 10,000 hits in less than 10 months.I tried to balance my posts between academic and social subjects but most of the visitors were interested in the academic subjects. The top five most visited posts in the last three months are:

  1. Acer SWOT Analysis
  2. Quantitative or Qualitative
  3. Research Overview
  4. When Do We Blow the Whistle?
  5. Survey’s Perceptions and Biases
I hope that you keep on visiting again.

About Sami Malallah
My thoughts and ideas are without politics, sarcasm or negativity. Please comment on them and share them with others.

6 Responses to 10,000 Hits In 10 Months

  1. Dr Abeer says:

    Congratulation Sami ….keep it up & Good luck…

  2. Bu Yousef says:

    Congrats. Keep it up, Sami 😉

  3. iqbalgreen says:

    مبروك ،،،، انجاز رائع ،،، ومزيد من الزوار انشاء الله 🙂

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