I Love You Soooooo …!

Listen to this postI was working on the computer when my middle son came to me and asked my for a permission to sleep with me in our bed then when he is sleep I can carry him to his room. He is a hansom 7 years old boy that you find it very difficult to say no to. So we lay down in the bed and I hugged him and kissed then the following conversation took place:

Him: ” Dad I love you”

Me: ” I love you this much” showing a small gap between my fingers

Him: ” I love thiiiiissss much” he open his arms wide open.

Me: “I love you as big as the closet”

Him: ” I love you as big as the house”

Me: “I love you as big as the supermarket”

Him: ” I love you as big as the Earth”

Me: “OOOOOhh….I love you Soooooo….” then he stopped me by saying ” please be quite I am trying to sleep!”

About Sami Malallah
My thoughts and ideas are without politics, sarcasm or negativity. Please comment on them and share them with others.

9 Responses to I Love You Soooooo …!

  1. Iqbal Malallah says:

    How affective are these moments to our children’s life . These moments will make them live a healthy childhood . This shows how a family man you are 🙂

    Nice one 🙂

  2. Dr Abeer says:

    That’s why I love kids soo much…they r honest and at the same time no one will get offended from their honesty…something u really miss when dealing with adults…God bless him Sami

  3. a.mohanna says:

    This is your life’s treasure when you love your family and family love you soooooo

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  5. Bu Yousef says:

    A beautiful moment indeed. Allah ykhalleeh lik o ykhalleek lah inshallah.

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