Life Without The Internet

Listen to this postIn the past two weeks I had to experience few days without the invisible wireless service of the internet. One of the reasons was my personal vacation and I wanted to stay away from my daily routine, the 24 hours connectivity and the virtual social network. I tried to stay away from the internet but could not. Many of us are addictive to the internet. Most of us use the internet for work and professional uses but we socialize from time to time on the Internet even during the working hours just to break out from the stressful work environment. During my stay in the hotels I had to pay the expensive and unrealistic internet fees just to stay connected. What I paid for few days in the hotel is enough to get me connected on a high-speed internet at home for a month, but again I am addicted to the Internet. The second reason I need the internet is to continue my commitment to the readers of this blog. I maintained my “three posts per week” through my most difficult times and tried to make up for the days I missed if that rarely happened. The third reason I need the Internet is my daily access to the digital libraries for my researches. I usually use this third reason to justify my need for the Internet but actually I need the Internet for the other reasons also. I have internet service on my mobile phone, on my iPad and I got wireless serves at home and at work just to stay connected all the time. I do not know about you, but I am hooked on the Internet.


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4 Responses to Life Without The Internet

  1. Tracy says:

    ditto – I’m kind of an internet addict myself. We are so connected now, but of course, there are pros and cons to this. I had to live without readily accessible and reliable internet for a month during my trip to Asia; once I got used to it, it became quite….liberating.

    thx for sharing your thoughts.

    • Yes you are right. You get used to low or no Internet for sometime but again when you go back home you start the same cycle.


      Sami Malallah Sent from my iPad

  2. Iqbal Malallah says:

    I myself addictive too , but i can help taking a break ( not very long one ) in my vacations . Your reasons are reasonable enough to be connected all the time . But at least you agree the idea of changing the daily routine , in your vacations . 🙂

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