Top Ten Signs That You Are In A Good Hotel

Like you, I have traveled a lot and visited different countries. Dying my travel I try to select the best hotel I can offered. Most of us select the best hotels for security and safety reasons then look for comfort and  services. he following is my personal guideline to distinguish the good hotels from the bad ones.

Good Hotel Bad Hotel
10 Food come pushed into the room on a nice table. Hot food is in small hot box under the table. The food is carried in a tray and placed on your bed.
9 Telephone is answered with “Good morning Mr/Ms. John Dow, my name is ______ how can I help you”. They do not answer but if they did it will be “Yes!”
8 The room has a table and a chair that can be used as a small office for you to work from. You will be lucky if you have a chair in the room.
7 Rooms are spacious and you can add an extra bed without feeling crowded. You can nearly walk around in the room
6 Good quality paper tissue boxes are available in the bathroom and next to the bed. One box of cheep paper tissue box is available in the bathroom. The box is usually have 3-10 tissues only.
5 The shower water is cold and hot with sufficient pressure to massage your nick and back. Shower drainage is open to take all the water you can shower with. Shower water is in room temperate with pressure enough to push the water our of the shower head. Water level is building up on your feed while you are showering.
4 When you ask for direction in the hotel, the person will ask you to follow him/her until you reach the place you wanted. You will be lucky to find somebody to point his/her finger in the approximate direction of what you ask for.
3 White clean towels in different sizes are hanging in the bathroom at you arm reach On big (and sometimes another small one) is available and you are doubting if you should use the.
2 You have a quite room to sleep or work with a beautiful view from the big window. You laugh at you neighbor’s noise in the bathroom, and then you wonder if he/she is laughing at you also?
1 You need to mention the hotel name to the taxi driver and he will smile and start driving. When you mention the hotel name, the taxi driver will ask you to get out of the taxi!


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7 Responses to Top Ten Signs That You Are In A Good Hotel

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  3. Bu Yousef says:

    Good bed (and linen)
    Good sound proofing
    Good internet connection
    Clean bathroom.

    That’s all I need.

  4. Iqbal Malallah says:

    Yes you are right … I always like the good hotels . Nice Pick 🙂
    Thank you .

  5. Υes! Finally something ɑbout Générateur de Clé Steam

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