SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis Matrix Listen to this postMany people associate SWOT analysis with the SWAT police force. SWAT team is a Special Weapon And Tactics team while SWOT analysis, the subject of this post, is the identifications and sorting of the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and threats. Strengths and weaknesses are internal issues, however, opportunities and threats are external matters which can be difficult to find and Control. Brainstorming may be required during the SWOT analysis because some of the items are not obvious and need abroad vision and “out of the box” thinking. Some of the items in the SWOT analysis can fit in two sides of the matrix. They can be a strength and threat at the same time or can be weakness but a good opportunity to explore. I used SWOT analysis before analyze Acer company in this blog. And I wrote in the blog before about my personal reasons to start a blog and that are the advantages and disadvantages to so so. I am today using the same subject for the SWOT analysis. The lost below is the result of my personal SWAT to blog. I have use the “Priority Matrix” to help me in the SWAT arrangement and I find it very useful application to use on your iPad if you are welling to spend few dollars.

SWOT analysis for personal blogging:
Strength :

  • Crystallize and integrate ideas while writing
  • My writing will be global
  • Writing release stress
  • Have many thoughts to share
  • Can use school work for the blog
  • Long work experience
  • My Academic knowledge


  • Some people may misunderstand the thoughts
  • Might get negative comments
  • Writing in English is a challenge
  • I have limited time for bogging

Opportunities :

  • Can blog on anywhere and anytime
  • Blog site is free
  • International reputation
  • People will ask for my expertise
  • Rewrite the post into s book
  • Display my ability to integrate the thoughts


  • Hackers may change what I wrote
  • May offend some people with my thoughts
  • Host site may accidentally delete the blog
  • Readers may copy my writing for their personal use.


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5 Responses to SWOT Analysis

  1. Iqbal Malallah says:

    I like it very very much . I took a training course in SWOT analysis in strategic planning method 4 years ago . It was very useful . Now I’m using SWOT analysis in every plan i have in my life .
    Thank you .

    • If you have iPad I would recommend using the application I mentioned above. It is so easy to use and effective. It had more uses for the 2 by 2 matrixes like organizing your priorites between importantance and urgency.

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  3. Balakumar.T says:

    SWOT analysis is important in MBA studies. In this chapter is very interesting and must to evoluate their own for industries. If they point out the exact things, definitely they are the leader in that field. It is useful in our daily life and estimating our individual capabilities. It is not a study it is universal factor.

  4. rajni says:

    l like this

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