My Family Vacation

I started my summer vacation few days ago. I chose Dubai as the best place for this year’s vacation because my available time for traveling is short and Dubai has good offers on its top hotels and resorts. The flight to Dubai was reasonable but the full stay with the kids was interesting. The TV was on kids channels all the time (although they had their separate room but they always preferred staying in the same room I am setting in. I chose a hotel with many swimming pools and water rides (The Atlantis) I take the kids for a swim everyday under the Dubai hot sun and try to watch three kids at the same time. I got help from my wonderful wife who stay nearby watching us under the hot sun without enjoying the temperature-controlled swimming pool. The smell of chlorine is filing my nose until I go to sleep and my body ache to the point I can not pull my self up out of bed in the morning. Physically I feel exhausted but mentally I am very happy that I got this time to spend it totally with the family. I love kids and I have need hugging and kissing them constantly during this vacation to the point they started pushing me away?. Share/Bookmark

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5 Responses to My Family Vacation

  1. Bu Yousef says:

    Allah yhanneekum.
    Our jobs as dads is to hug and kiss, the kids’ job is to push us away 🙂

  2. iqbalgreen says:

    I think it’s a very successful vacation , because you feel happy 🙂 . Happiness and enjoying the time withe your family is the purpose of vacations 🙂

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