Do I really want to go to work?

Listen to this postMost of us wake up every morning and go through the same daily routine to get ready for work. We fight our way in the crowded streets to reach the office (work place) just on time or few minutes late, or sometimes, few hours late! We dread the long working hours, complain about the extra work they dumped on us and sometimes we complain that we have nothing to do, just plain boring. We long for a vacation, long public holiday or occasional sick leave to relax for few days. If you just started working then you will be full of energy and would be looking forward to change the world. If you have worked for more that 10 years you would definitely know that you can change just small part of your daily routine. Some of us have worked for more than 20 years and asking them self “when will I be able to retire!” or why don’t I get that easy job in the corner office to just sign few papers every day to enjoy your especial cup of coffee. You would tell yourself that you deserve that easy job because you have earn it.

Occasionally, we get the thought of quitting, retiring or switching jobs but we forget or dismiss that thought after few minuets . However, few of us would seriously think about it and have difficult time deciding. The best way to know if you should quit, retire or switch jobs would be that morning routine. If you wake up in the morning but feel that you do not want to go to work, then it is time for you to make a decision about it. The decision would be based on not wanting to go to work because you do not want to go. This decision would not be applicable if you are physically tired, sleepy or sick. You would positively know that you just do not want to work at the same place because you hate working there. This is a gut feeling that you can not explain, but your body your brain and your legs would all tell you that they hate going to work at the same place. You should plan your future of either retiring, looking for another job, or shutting your mouth and stay at your current job until things get better. Never leave your job while you have financial commitments or family to feed with no other source of income to replace your monthly salary. Tomorrow when you wake up in the morning ask yourself “do I really want to go to work?


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5 Responses to Do I really want to go to work?

  1. Bu Yousef says:

    If there is a challenge, something to aspire to, then any job becomes more interesting…

    The routine you describe would evaporate. This however is not necessarily a personal issue. It may well be the culture of the place (and my God do we have a fair share here) that slows you to an unforgiving halt. I have seen so many energetic people buried in a rubble of mundane tasks – or worse – doing nothing at all. A good example is an ex colleague who was reporting to the Office Manager (responsible for purchasing stationary, tea and biscuits). He had a bachelor in Business Admin! I knew his boss, the Office Manager, who complained about this man’s ‘laziness’ and I always disagreed with him. He soon quit and started his own glass import business – an opportunity came when his father was looking for their new house. He is ALWAYS working and is very busy with clients here in the Gulf and manufacturers in Europe (mainly Germany), He is definately not lazy!

    It’s an art putting the right man/woman in the right place. If we can master that – as a country – we will see a flood of energy coming out of our youth. If we don’t, we will continue with a stigma of ‘lazy’.

    Good post, Sami.

    • Thank you Bu Yousef for this insightful and valuable addition to the post. You are absolutely right, if their is a challenge then work wold be interesting. The situation listed in the post is when you can not find interest at work to the point that you do not want to wake up and go to work. I bet that your friend did lost interest in going to work long before he decided to quit his job and work for himself. I think he did the right thing. He followed his hart and took the path less traveled.

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  3. AMANY says:

    مقالتك روووعه بوأحمد والله انك لمست الجرح،احس انا بعد 15 سنة شغل الانسان يحتاج تغيير بوظيفته والي نسميه بالعاميه كسرة روتين،لان التغيير بالعمل يجدد طاقتك ونشاطك حاله حال اي تغيير ثاني في امور حياتنا،مثل تغير منازلنا وتغيير اثاثنا وغيره،صعبة الانسان يتم 25 سنه واكثر واهو يقوم بنفس العمل وبنفس المكان ومع نفس البشر،بس دايما نشوف عدم التشجيع من الي حولنا وتتلخص في مثل كويتي يقول: امسك مينونك لايجيك اين منه. يضطر الانسان يتحمل الضغط النفسي الي يسببه الروتين بالعمل له وينهي حياتهالوظيفية هم بطريقة روتينية بالتقاعد،نشوف الغرب يظل الانسان عندهم يعمل الى سن ال70 واكثر لان خلال مدة خدمته غير وظيفته او مكان وظيفته ثلاث مرات على الاقل اذا مو اكثر

    • شكرا علي التعليق القيم. في امريكا يغير الشخص سكنه بمعدل مره كل ثلاث سنوات واحد اسباب تغير السكن يعود الي تغير الوظيفه اومكان العمل.


      Sami Malallah
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