What is ISO 9001

Listen to this postThe ISO 9001 certification is important for the organization to ensure consistent quality control on the products. ISO 9001 certification audit is simply checking if the organizations has a procedure and that procedure is implemented and documented. The organization would insure the high quality for its products and the customers would get the same quality every time they purchase a product from this manufacturer.

ISO 9001 is a set of standards that represent a significant initial step for manufacturing organizations on the way to Quality Management, since they involve a lower first degree of commitment to their principles (Gutiérrez, et al., 2010). ISO 9001 is simply confirming that the organizations has business processes and has procedures to implement them. Gotzamani (2010) state that “(1) quality management system; (2) management responsibility; (3) resource management; (4) product realization; and (5) measurement, analysis and improvement.” (p. 688) are required to make sure that the basic processes of a well controlled organization (Gotzamani, 2010)

Many activities and processes take place to manufacture a single product. These process efficiencies should be measured to decide if the product is worth the cost it incurs on the organization (Jones, 2007). Management needs performance indicators to measure the cost of the product and aims to optimize production cost.


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