Why I Chose English for Writing

I was asked by my friends and blog readers “why do I write my posts in English?” My immediate reapply is my typing skills. I learn typing when I was doing my undergraduate degree in the US. Most of the papers then were supposed to be word-processed. So I leaned how to type my school papers on word perfect which was the dominant word processing program at that time. From the start, I forced my self to use five fingers for typing while most of my friends were typing with two fingers only. I had slow start in the beginning but I became faster after couple of years while my friends are still struggling with two fingers. The second reason for choosing English for my blog is the globalization. Yeas, globalization but not the globalization you know. I wanted to reach the maximum number of readers in the world. I figured that most of the Kuwaitis can read English and English is a universal language, so many readers would stop by and read my thoughts in the blog. So far, the blog receives almost the same percentage of readers from Kuwait and the United States. The pie chart shows the exact numbers from around the world.By the way, I can type in Arabic but by Arabic typing very slow. I tried to write in Arabic in my other blog but that consumed a lot of my valuable time. People who know me very well knows how much I value my time. The red dots on the map (below) represent the site visitors. You may notice that most of the readers are from Kuwait, United States, Europe and India.


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