At What Age We Can Work?

Listen to this postChildren under the age of 16 should not work, rather, they should be at school learning to be a better and effective community members. The sad fact is that children cannot afford schooling or at least have enough to feed themselves in the underdeveloped countries. Families in the underdeveloped countries teach their children  to read and write by sending them to the community educators, but they will be learning their parents crafts when they are strong enough to work (at the age of 8-12). The children would help their parents at the farm (or workshop) and then learn how to perfect the required skill to start supporting themselves and their families. Our parents went through the same 60 years ago, but when the oil was discover in Kuwait they went to night-school to educate themselves and work in better jobs. There is nothing wrong with children working instead of learning because working is educational activity also. The problem would be if the children work in harsh condition or got underpaid. Otherwise, working children are better off in a secured factory than attracted to do other illegitimate or criminal jobs. I would suggest that children should work for 8 hours then go through few hours of education provided by their multinational employer.

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3 Responses to At What Age We Can Work?

  1. iqbalgreen says:

    I agree with you Sami . Working age , depends on the need . People themselves can decide when they start working , specially in the underdeveloped countries , regardless the age . Because working will protect them (specially children) from committing crimes ( such as stealing ). At the same time they can study .

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