Should Organizations Operate Internationally?

Listen to this postOrganizations should work internationally because they would probably transfer their culture and best practices to the countries where they chose to work in. Transferring the knowledge to subsidiaries and international branches would help the multinational organization to save time and effort in communications and production (Mostyn, 2004). The standardization in the business processes would ensure consistency in the production and its quality, however, robust processes are needed to reach this level of alignment (Mostyn, 2004). Collective knowledge creation, trust-base collaborations and the multinational organization’s willingness to collaborate is the success reason to knowledge sharing and best practice implementation (Miesing, Kriger, & Slough, 2007). Multinational organizations might not be obligated to transfer their knowledge and best practices without the local government enforcement, but the organizational ethical commitment and the benefits resulted from it would help the organization to be ethical and supportive to the local community.


Miesing, P., Kriger, M. P., & Slough, N. (2007). Towards a model of effective knowledge transfer within transnationals: The case of Chinese foreign invested enterprises. Journal of Technology Transfer, 32(1-2), 109-122. doi:

Mostyn, A. (2004). The rise of global awareness. [Article]. Strategic Communication Management, 9(1), 5-5.

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5 Responses to Should Organizations Operate Internationally?

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  2. iqbalgreen says:

    I totally agree with the idea, that is the organizations should work internationally .

  3. Helal Alhelal says:

    This is minefield of “diversity” marketing presenting it self as a cure for all for the pitfalls of global expansion, rather than creating diff. Advertising campaigns for diff. Markets, campaigns could sell diversity it self to all the world markets at once.

  4. Khaled Al-ALi says:

    It is of the interest of any company to expand and enter a new markets. But when you look at it from the buyer/ customer interest, how they can take advantage of a technology transfer to the local workforce in addition to the technology itself. Since Kuwait industry is very dependent on foreign technology they should consider technology transfer during selection of supplier/ contractor and include it the contracts.
    I recommend this paper for more details: Al-Ali, Salahaldeen, “Laws and Regulations on Technology Transfer to Developing Countries”, Science and Public Policy, Vol. 18, No. 5, October, 1991, pp. 295-300

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