Does Music Artists Hate P2P?

Listen to this postFile sharing sites are delivering free music to users around the word. Most of the files are shred or downloaded freely. The media got the public to believe that the file sharing sites are negativity affecting the new artists and the recording companies. but, not every recording artist is upset because their music was downloaded without payment. The Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing sites help exposing the new artist to the audience. The audience can search the artist and then download the music illegally to listen to it at their convenience. The file sharing sites are good advertising source that help the new artist to reach to the greatest number of audience. The newly downloaded files are a sampling opportunities for the users to test the music if its meets their taste. Research by Bounie, Bourrreau, and Waelbroeck (2007) showed that 93% of the  P2P users purchased new music after they have sampled it on the downloaded MP3 format. Further, the research also reviled that 67% of the surveyed participant purchased new CDs that they discovered by downloading from the P2P sites. That CDs they would not normally purchased if they did not discover it on the file sharing sites.


Bounie, D., Bourrreau, M., & Waelbroeck, P. (2007). Pirates or explorers? Analysis of music consumption in french graduate schools. [Article]. Brussels Economic Review, 50(2), 167-192.


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