Where Does The Dove Nest

Listen to this postI work in an environment that needs especial personal protective equipment and is heavily regulated by the environmental and safety laws and regulations. Every now and then, I hear some complains about poisonous gases and unpleasant odours coming from then plant. Most of the complains are exaggerated for different reasons but we take them seriously and do intensive checks and investigations.

The dove select safe and pleasant place to nest and lay its eggs while it is free to fly away to select a better place. I have noticed a small nest in the shade of the parking near the plant where I work. The nest (see the picture on the right) was built by a dove many years ago and has been used by different doves since it was built. I notice that the nest remains empty for few days, then one day I would see a dove using it. After few days I could notice the small babies peaking from the nest. They grow fast and fly away with their mother leaving the nest empty for the next lucky dove. I was thinking, if the surrounding area is not safe and pleasant, why would the dove build a nest in it? and why it keeps coming back to it?


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7 Responses to Where Does The Dove Nest

  1. iqbalgreen says:

    Impressive ……. I believe that the birds psychological standards are differ from human psychological standards . The weather may truly be polluted . However, thin creatures like birds do not look at what is the perimeter as much as the warmth of their home, they suck the happiness and serenity from their presence with each other, whether or not the air pollutant.

    • Actually the air is not polluted but not the ideal place for delicate animal. The point I am trying to say that the environment near or at the plant might not be the best there is, but good enough for a Dove to lay its eggs and raise its little ones.

  2. Fahad Al-Kanai says:

    Many delicate creatures still amaze us with their ability to survive. Look at how a small flower can find its way between the rocks sometimes, many examples are there.

    What impresses me is the social awareness that these doves have for each other, leaving the nest in a good condition for the next *user*
    They set an example for us !

  3. Dr Abeer says:

    I guess the definition of a safe environment differs between different creatures e.g to live in a the forest is un safe for humans, but this is where lions live happily. There is nothing like standard for how to live or where to live.
    There are still un-explained phenomenas in each and single branch of our life.We keep on asking questions where you can’t find a definite answers for it.
    The reason for that is to let you think and you may or may not find an answer ??
    Thank you for stimulating our minds and sharing your interesting observations with us.

    • Most of the philosophers are thinkers and ask questions about almost everything. They gain there knowledge by thinking and asking “WHY”. What amazed me about this dove is the location it selected for its nest.

  4. Fahad Al-Kanai says:

    It’s my pleasure,Sir, to be here and to be able to communicate with intellegent people. Keep up the good work.

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