The Results of Wrong Relationship Marketing

RakazListen to this postReligious and patriotic campaigns are getting more intense and popular in the last few years in Kuwait. The campaigns are trying to reach the young generation in the age of 16-26 and those with modernized thinking and western influence. Most of the advertisement and billboards that display the campaigns massages are showing young men wearing western outfit (T-shirts and pans) while the Deshdash (traditional men outfit)  is never used in these messages. The western outfit may be used intentionally to relate to the targeted group but at the same time wrong message might be delivered. Showing the young generation in non-traditional outfit encourage them to abandon the traditional principles which is directly connected with religion and patriotism.

I have done an extensive research on the wrong relationship marketing done by Coca-Cola in India and would like to share the research with you. The researched case might not be similar to the above subject but would present the consequences of building the wrong relationship. Please click here to read the full research.


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10 Responses to The Results of Wrong Relationship Marketing

  1. Hellraiser says:

    One of the main cultural trait of the Gulf, that I came to respect is the traditional Dishdash, which has in my opinion a hidden message. That all men are created equal and that people should not be judged by the brand of clothing they wear, it gives people a sense of humbleness, however the flip side of the coin, is that it creates a level of segregation between expats and locals, which is clearly visible in the public sector… I digress.

    Westernization is taking over the world, although I do agree that local cultures are eroding slowly. I think I worry less about ads and its relation to the local attire, as our culture has turned into junk culture with over 50 Mc Donald outlet and another 50 Starbucks contributing to the high ratio of obesity in Kuwait. Furthermore, trust, respect and decency has been replaced by lies, rude behavior and total lack of respect. I think that is in my opinion a total abandon of traditional principles.

    • Excellent analysis and valuable input. I totally agree with you. I was targeting the relationship between traditional outfit and the important values behind them The adds should relate them together. The advertisement represent the campaign behind it.

  2. iqbalgreen says:

    كانت وجهه نظري مطابقه لك ، ولكن عند مناقشتي لاحد الشخصيات المنظمه لمثل تلك الحملات ، تكلمنا عن اللباس بالذات ( لاني كنت مسؤوله وقتها عن تنظيم اعلان تلفزيوني لحمله قيميه لنفس الفئه ) . فقالي ان احنا نريد ان نوصل قيمه للشباب ، وهي ان حتى انت ايها الشاب اللي تلبس هذا اللباس واللي عامل شعرك ( على سبيل المثال ) اسبايكي يتقبلك الدين وتتقبلك الاخلاق والقيم الرفيعه وممكن تدخل مع ركب هؤلاء النخبه . بصراحه اقتنعت بكلامه وغيرت وجهت نظري بعد ان حللتها فى عقلي . لاني ارى ان الكثير من الشباب من الجنسين ضاعت هويته سواء بالشكل او العقل . والشباب يواجه موجه تغيير تفوقه قوتا مع عدم وجود تنشئه اسريه صحيحه . لذا يجب نحن المربين او المجتمع ان نواجه فوضي عقل وشكل الشباب بتروي وحكمه . فعندما اعمل على تغيير قيمه وقناعاته من الداخل وارقى باخلاقه ، حتما سيتغير شكله من الخارج و سيبدأ بالتمسك بجذوره . لذا ارى بأن نوصل رساله للشباب وهي أن شكلك الخارجي لا يعنيني … بل ما يعنيني هو مقدار خلقك وتعامل مع نفسك ومع الناس .

    • وجهة نظر صحيحة وطرح جريئ للموضوع مشكوره عليه وهذا ما اسعي اليه في المدونه ان تتم مناقشة المواضيع من عدة زوايا ووجهات نظر

  3. Dr Abeer says:

    One thing which I don’t like about the adds in Kuwait, that they are targeted towards the citizens only and ignoring the foriegners while they represnt a large sector of the population.
    They totaly forgot that those foriegners are directly or indirectly influencing the principles and values of the locals.
    In my opinion that both sectors should got the same messages, so both would feel the same importance, e.g if the add include different nationalities in different costumes it would be better rather than one nationality in a westernized style.

  4. وليد الكندري says:

    اسمح لي استاذي الخص لك الامر من وجهة نظري بالنقاط التالية
    1حجم مساحة الحرية في مجتمعناقد يكون لها دور في تأصيل مثل هذي الظواهر
    2نمط الحياة ورغد العيش مع الوفرة المالية
    3المجتم الكويتي مجتمع مفتوح ويوجد فيه خليط من الجنسيات ممكن تترك اثر سلبي على الشباب من حيث التقليد الاعمى
    4غياب دور الاسره
    5عدم وجود برامج توعويه يكون لها دور في غرس تلك القيم من تراثنا في نفوس الشباب
    هذا ايجاز بسيط من خلال فهمي وقدراتي المتواضعه ارجو ان ينال اعجابكم
    اطيب الاماني

  5. asoomzz says:

    well for me till now the advertisements havent reached the required level and the level we as the youth of a country would like to learn from,, sometimes its weird staring at all those advs and you just cant find one related to the topic or just having a link:S

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