Census Department Old Methods

Census StickerListen to this postThe sticker shown on the right hand side is used by the census department to mark the counted houses during this years census. The sticker is made of paper and posted on the wall by the strongest glue I ever known. All attempts to remove theses stickers were  unsuccessful. The funny thing is the same stickers with exactly the same design have been in use by the census department as long as I can remember (and you should know that I am old!). I do not understand why a different method is used by now since technologies have advanced in different ways.

Census office markingGoogle Earth and Google maps give good pictures of all buildings in Kuwait. I think investing some money to buy the updated pictures is better than manually gluing the stickers and post them on each building in Kuwait. Small chip that cost around $2 is inserted under the sheep skin to help the owner to find his sheep when lost of stolen. Sheep owners in Kuwait had switcher from the old method of making their sheep with special paint to the state of art electronic chips because of their efficiency. However the census department is still using paint to mark the houses! I am not sure, but maybe the old methods are still efficient and cost-effective.


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2 Responses to Census Department Old Methods

  1. H. A. Al-Helal says:

    The same old same old “think tank” from the 60’s, and it’s all the benefit for the company which got the bid for sticking this free stickers piled on stocks ….and, What’s for? no body know even those who works on the same field that’s not my words, because my work getting involved with other gov. sectors, so it’s the hidden fact , real numbers are taken from the civil I.D end of story 🙂

    • Good and controversial comment and a lot of people would agree with you because the way they are gathering the data does not make sense at this time with all the technologies available at a competitive price.

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