Turn Down the TV or Else…

EarbudsListen to this postI did not know that I have supernatural ears which can hear the faintest sound until few months ago. The ear wax completely blogged my ears and I had to go for ear “de-waxing”. When the doctor pulled the wax out I was really embarrassed. I don’t want to describe what came out of my ears but it was a lot! I felt the difference immediately. I started hearing the faintest sound around me. I am able to hear people talking 3 meters (10 feet) away while I am listening to music using the ear buds.

The Arabic version of Sponge Bob can be really annoying

The kids used to watch cartoons in the morning while I am having breakfast. I did not mind that before because I could not hear the noise, but now I hate Sponge Bob more than anything. The kids like watching Sponge Bob at 6 in the morning and I can not stop hearing his annoying voice coming from the living room. The late afternoon noise is a little different. While I am having lunch/dinner at 5:00 pm I hear the sound of explosions, machine guns and distraction coming from the kids room. They love playing “Call of Duty” on their Play Station while I am trying to get a peaceful meal. You can hear me shouting everyday “Turn down the sound or I will…..”. Food will be splashing from my mouth and my face would turn to red but they would not hear me for two reasons. First they don’t want to hear me, second they will be too busy playing. By the end of the meal you will hear me saying “….and I mean it this time!”. I guess, next time I got that wax in my ears, I will think twice before cleaning it. Plugged ears are a blessing and mercy to some people.


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