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Listen to this postI was socializing with my friends and family members on Facebook one evening when I notice a small advertisement on the right hand side. The advertisement was an option that ask me to check if my friend are already on Facebook so as I call invite them to join my online social network. It seamed like a good idea so I clicked on it. I was directed to another page that asked me to give access to my email contact list, so I did give the access by typing in my log in name and password. The search engine started looking through the contact list and within a minute it presented a list of 10 people from the contact list who has Facebook account and I can select to invite to my network. Everything so far is normal and boring.  So I selected 6 people I know very well to send them an invitation, then clicked OK. I was distracted for few second and when I looked at the screen I saw a list and an option to confirm the selection so I clicked again without confirming the list! the next screen had a message saying that my inventions was sent to 450 people from my contact list?

My contact list include my friends (and not friends!), work colleague, business contacts and employees. So far things are not so bad until one week passed and people started complaining from my repeated reminders to join Facebook. Apparently the system is reminding the 450 people until they join Facebook. Some of them joined Facebook and went through the same story of inviting their friends. I am still receiving their invitations on my other email accounts!


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