Rediscover Quietness

Car with many big speakers

Listen to this postI use to drive a sport car fitted with an excellent sound system. I improved that system with more electronic gadgets that made the sound loader and crisper. I used to increase the sound volume so high that made the side mirrors shake with the beat of the drums in the song. I only lower the value when I stop at the traffic light so as I do not bather the drivers next to me. That was then, but now, I just smile when I hear the music coming from the passing sport cars and remember how much I enjoy that back then.

I punished my ears for about 18 months with load music until one day I drove the car while the stereo was off. It was a relaxing and comfortable feeling. Quite, no noise at all, just the sound of the air coming from the window. I drove for about 15 minutes then I realized that I am missing the music, so I switched on the stereo, but switched it off immediately. I rediscover quietness and the comfort it brings with it. I was like carrying extra wight for 18 months and then suddenly dropped it down. Now I only listen to smooth jazz while working on the computer and listen to audio-books while driving. I wonder what other drivers listen to these days?


Two Thousands and Five Hundreds

2500 Indonesia Rupiah Bank Note

Yesterday was Saturday, March 28, 2010 the 87th day of the year which is also Rabia-II  12, 1431 in the Islamic calendar or Nissan 13, 5770 in the Jewish calendar that is the equivalent of  Eryue 13, 4707 of the Chinese lunar calendar. Saturday daytime was 12 hours and 21 minutes long which was enough to reach the 2500 visitors milestone on this blog. The Romans represented 2500 as MMD but the binary representation is 1001110001002. The number 2500 is a perfect square which can be written as 2500 = 142+482 or 302+402. In case you did not understand what is meant by all this then I would like to simplify it for you by saying that 2500 visitors like you had visited this blog since I publicized it in January 3 , 2010. Thank you for re-visiting.

The most visited posts and pages since the start of this blog are listed below. To my surprise, three out of the five top visited places are special pages where I post researches and case studies. I always thought that readers are interested in the posts, but apparently most of you are intellectual readers who wants to sharpen their knowledge.


Thank You … Keep The Change!

Listen to this postMost of us used taxi services at some point of our lives and there is a great chance that we have been robbed by the taxi driver. The taxi drivers perfected a simple trick which they use often and they never were caught by anybody. For example, you arrive at your destination and the fair meter shows the total amount of  £16.35. So you hand in  a bill of £50 to the taxi driver. He would reach for his wallet and hand you a £10 note then start handing you the pounds 1, 2, 3 then search for the smaller coins and take some time to find them. At this point you would say “Thank you…please keep the change !“. He will drive a way with £20.15 you gave to him willingly. Next time you are in a taxi and the driver give you the coins just stop there and keep your mouth shut. You notice that he will reach to another wallet to hand you the £20. Smart trick and you can not accuse them of anything. I have seen the same trick done in many countries without exceptions. Did you experience similar tricks?


The Results of Wrong Relationship Marketing

RakazListen to this postReligious and patriotic campaigns are getting more intense and popular in the last few years in Kuwait. The campaigns are trying to reach the young generation in the age of 16-26 and those with modernized thinking and western influence. Most of the advertisement and billboards that display the campaigns massages are showing young men wearing western outfit (T-shirts and pans) while the Deshdash (traditional men outfit)  is never used in these messages. The western outfit may be used intentionally to relate to the targeted group but at the same time wrong message might be delivered. Showing the young generation in non-traditional outfit encourage them to abandon the traditional principles which is directly connected with religion and patriotism.

I have done an extensive research on the wrong relationship marketing done by Coca-Cola in India and would like to share the research with you. The researched case might not be similar to the above subject but would present the consequences of building the wrong relationship. Please click here to read the full research.


Multicultural Business Environment

Team Work

Multicultural Team Work

Listen to this postMost of the difficulties in managing multicultural teams are resided in the cultural diversities and time difference which mainly lead to miscommunication (Chitakornkijsil, 2009). Culture evolves with time as the workers integrate into an effective group and adapt to the external environment efficiently to carry on their work (Edewor & Aluko, 2007). Organization culture, according to Edewor and Aluko (2007), is the “assumptions, values, norms and tangible signs (artifacts) of organization’s members and their behaviors” (p.189). Cultural diversity has two dimensions, the first consist of age, ethnicity, gender, race and sexual affection orientation which molds the workers self-image and fundamental worldview. The second dimension influence the workers self-esteem and definition since it consists of “educational background, geographic location, income, marital status, religious belief” (Edewor & Aluko, 2007, p. 190).

Edewor and Aluko, (2007) suggest the following guidelines to overcome multicultural differences at workplace:

  1. Leaders should set themselves as a good example and address myths, stereotype and cultural differences.
  2. Communicate in writing the rules that forbid prejudice and discriminatory behaviors.
  3. Offer training courses, or embed training material in existing courses, that address multicultural differences and the benefits of these differences.
  4. Recognize individual differences and note that some people may view the following differently: authority, acceptance of power dissimilarity and desire for neatness and organization.
  5. Seek comments from minority groups to break the glass ceiling and show importance to the minority groups.
  6. Revamp reward systems to reinforce the importance of effective diversity management.
  7. Sponsor and encourage social events that mix teams together like cruise ship trips and getaways for global teams and picnics and Christmas parties for domestic teams.
  8. Maintain flexible work environment that enable people to work according to their needs.
  9. Monitor the organizations policies and practices to ensure good environment for all employees.



Chitakornkijsil, P. (2009). Communication in global cultural teams and international communication challenge. International Journal of Organizational Innovation, 1(4), 102-112.

Edewor, P., & Aluko, Y. (2007). Diversity management, challenges and opportunities in multicultural organizations. International Journal of Diversity in Organisations, Communities & Nations, 6(6), 189-195.

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Census Department Old Methods

Census StickerListen to this postThe sticker shown on the right hand side is used by the census department to mark the counted houses during this years census. The sticker is made of paper and posted on the wall by the strongest glue I ever known. All attempts to remove theses stickers were  unsuccessful. The funny thing is the same stickers with exactly the same design have been in use by the census department as long as I can remember (and you should know that I am old!). I do not understand why a different method is used by now since technologies have advanced in different ways.

Census office markingGoogle Earth and Google maps give good pictures of all buildings in Kuwait. I think investing some money to buy the updated pictures is better than manually gluing the stickers and post them on each building in Kuwait. Small chip that cost around $2 is inserted under the sheep skin to help the owner to find his sheep when lost of stolen. Sheep owners in Kuwait had switcher from the old method of making their sheep with special paint to the state of art electronic chips because of their efficiency. However the census department is still using paint to mark the houses! I am not sure, but maybe the old methods are still efficient and cost-effective.


Turn Down the TV or Else…

EarbudsListen to this postI did not know that I have supernatural ears which can hear the faintest sound until few months ago. The ear wax completely blogged my ears and I had to go for ear “de-waxing”. When the doctor pulled the wax out I was really embarrassed. I don’t want to describe what came out of my ears but it was a lot! I felt the difference immediately. I started hearing the faintest sound around me. I am able to hear people talking 3 meters (10 feet) away while I am listening to music using the ear buds.

The Arabic version of Sponge Bob can be really annoying

The kids used to watch cartoons in the morning while I am having breakfast. I did not mind that before because I could not hear the noise, but now I hate Sponge Bob more than anything. The kids like watching Sponge Bob at 6 in the morning and I can not stop hearing his annoying voice coming from the living room. The late afternoon noise is a little different. While I am having lunch/dinner at 5:00 pm I hear the sound of explosions, machine guns and distraction coming from the kids room. They love playing “Call of Duty” on their Play Station while I am trying to get a peaceful meal. You can hear me shouting everyday “Turn down the sound or I will…..”. Food will be splashing from my mouth and my face would turn to red but they would not hear me for two reasons. First they don’t want to hear me, second they will be too busy playing. By the end of the meal you will hear me saying “….and I mean it this time!”. I guess, next time I got that wax in my ears, I will think twice before cleaning it. Plugged ears are a blessing and mercy to some people.


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Stock Market’s Movements and Reactions

Investors reaction

Listen to this postMarket efficiency remains inconclusive for many reasons, but one of them is stock price overreaction to information (Ball, 2001). The “Recency Theory” state that traders overestimate recent information and become too optimistic when the firm is winning and too pessimistic when the firm is losing, therefore the traders tend to overreact to recent information (Offerman & Sonnemans, 2004). The “Hot-Hand theory” states that the past winning or losing record of a firm will convince the traders to overvalue or undervalue the firm thus overreact to the information (Offerman & Sonnemans, 2004). A study by Ma, Tang, & Hasan (2005) selected 852 stocks (between 1996 to 1997) and found strong evidence of price reversal after two days of stock price overreaction. The study suggest constructing a strategy to predict the price reversal to gain profit from the overreacted price margin. The above theories and study would be a good research topics for exploration.

Econometric is defined by Encyclopedia Britannica as “the statistical and mathematical analysis of economic relationships” (“Econometrics,” 2009) such analysis use statistical techniques like linear regression to find the relationship between two economical variables. The econometric techniques are useful in finding the elasticity between commodity price and customer’s demand.  Another use of the techniques would be for production cost. In production cost the technique test the relation between the firm’s output and production factors like cost of labor, rent, capital and machinery.

Daniel Gross author of the book “Dumb Money: How Our Greatest Financial Minds Bankrupted the Nation” stated that economists and business leaders are realizing that economic models (like econometric) are helpful to predict the future when enough past data is available; but they fail to predict when major turnaround in the past performances occur. Daniel calls the phenomena as “pro forma disease” when economist depend too heavy on the data to predict the future. Daniel gives an example when a market is growing 10% for the past 4 year, the economist would predict another 4 years of 10% growth. Daniel claims that many economical models use resent years data without incorporating enough past data to that shows major turnarounds in the economy.



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Offerman, T., & Sonnemans, J. (2004). An experimental investigation of recency and the hot-hand effect. Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 106(3), 533-554.

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Change Management: Transforming from Caterpillar to Butterfly

The Caterpillar is happy at this state

Listen to this postSpring time in Kuwait and the butterflies are filling the air for more than a week now. Many of us forget that the beautiful butterflies were caterpillars. The caterpillar is slow moving worm that many of us would not even touch. When the time is right, the caterpillar select a place to build a cocoon around it and start the transformation process. During the transformation the caterpillar would not regret its decision and stop, go back or change its mind. The process continue until the full transformation takes place. The caterpillar use to be  expert in synchronize its legs to move from one place to another. Now the caterpillar is a flying butterfly that does not old experience to move since it can fly fast form one point to anther.

Transformation process in the Cocoon

Many companies are having average performance and would like to change to compete for the top spot in their businesses. Hesitation take place while the transformation effort is in progress or when facing the first unexpected obstacle. The company would have three choices: 1) Enforce the change with full support for top management, 2) Continue the change effort with average results just to save face, 3) Abandon the change effort quietly to go back to the comfort zone. If the caterpillar does not change it will remain as a caterpillar for the rest of its live while the rest of the caterpillars had transformed to butterflies and flew away.

The end result

The caterpillar use to be happy at the state it is in but after sometime it realizes that it is time to change and move to another state. The caterpillar would know when is the right time, so it builds the cocoon around itself and get busy transforming, no hesitation and no regrets. The caterpillar would finally emerge from the cocoon as a beautiful butterfly and stay as a butterfly. The change is from a slow-moving caterpillar that needs tree branches for transportation to a flying butterfly that move from one flower to another.


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احتفال الكويت بالعيد الوطني – رغوة وماء

يحتفل أهل الكويت بعيدهم الوطني وعيد التحرير بطريقة لا تنم عن وطنيتهم ولا تظهر انتمائهم وولائهم لهذا الوطن، حيث يأخذ الاحتفال مظاهر تتسم بالخطورة أكثر من كونها مظاهر تعبر عن البهجة والمرح والتي قد تتطور في المستقبل لتصل إلى حد العنف. ويتم خلال الاحتفالات رش رغاوي على الناس بشكل غير مسئول دون أدنى مراعاة لصحتهم وأمانهم، وهذا أمر في غاية الخطورة حيث قد تكون المياه المستخدمة في مسدسات الماء ملوثة أو قد يحل محلها سائل آخر مضر. ومن هنا، ومع هذا الزخم من المركبات والناس وسائقي السيارات ومن خلال عدم وضوح الرؤية بالنسبة لهم يؤدي ذلك حتما إلى وقوع حوادث. إن عيادات العيون تعالج مئات من المشاركين في هذه الاحتفالات، كما تنقل سيارات الإسعاف العديد من المصابين من جراء حوادث المركبات وشجار المراهقين. ونحن من خلال هذه الدراسة نحاول إلقاء الضوء على مثل هذه المظاهرالجديده والخطيرة للاحتفالات ونقوم بتقديم الحلول والتي سوف تسعد كل فرد بالتأكيد. إن محاولة احتواء هذا الاحتفال والسيطرة عليه سيجعله أكثر أمنا ومتعة وفائدة، وهذا ما سوف تجدونه في…. أنقر هتا لمتابعة القراءة

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