Looks Easy to Win

Grab the toy

Grab the toy

Listen to this postThe game looks simple. Insert a coin in the machine, maneuver the mechanical arm to the toy you like and then let the arm grab it for you. Or does it? I played this game once when I was a kid and figured that I will never be able to get the toy because the mechanical arm needs good practice to master its movement. You could spend enough money to buy the toy by the time you learn how to position the arm. The arms clips does not have strong grip to pick, hold and left one of the toy from the neatly packed toys. But you will know this obstacles after you try the game and lose some money. Yesterday I took the kids to the arcades and watched many kids lose their money trying to win one of those pink bears.

Neatly stacked toys

Neatly stacked toys

You may ask why do people try it since it is difficult to win? Well, it is located in the kids arcade section and the toys inside it have vibrant colors that attract the kids to try at least once. You or the kids can be easily fooled in trying the game (at least once) because you would assume that maneuvering  the arm would be easy and its grip is strong. You discover after few trails that it is not, and you never tell anybody about your failure. I was advising my son about this rep-off scheme when finally one of the kids got a toy and made me look stupid!

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2 Responses to Looks Easy to Win

  1. Nihar says:

    Yes by the time you master the mechanical arm movements you would have spend far more than the cost of the bear.. but some kids do crack it…

  2. rossa says:

    Yes, you’re right, for young kids and “young” at heart, too, this attractive and colorful booth at the mall surely looks tempting and everybody would want to try his/her luck – and most often than not – luck – also is part of this game – just like what you said one of your kids got a toy and you did not – better luck next time:)

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