Check If You Are Old

Old Window

Old Window by: Tariq Malallah

Listen to this postOne of my friends ask a valid question about mid-life crises check point. I thought of listing some of the sings to tell if men are old. Read through and check if you have some of these sings:

  1. The barber start to give you good discount because you cut your hair more often and the amount of hair he has to cut is decreasing every week.
  2. You stopped your kids from eating candy and sugary liquids like Pepsi and Coke but now you do the opposite with your grand children.
  3. You refuse selling that old car and go for complete overall with new paint job that cost 70% of buying a new car.
  4. Your shoes are comfortable not stylish.
  5. Although you are controlling you meals but your weight is increasing. You don’t change your eating habits, but change the scale.
  6. You leave early to work while you children are still getting ready to wake up for work.
  7. You come back from work and your children are back before you, and they make more money than you do.
  8. You have a favorite chair in the living room nobody is allowed to use.
  9. You hold the TV remote control in your hand more than you hold your wife’s hands.
  10. No mater how loud you shout, the kids will only listen to your wife’s instructions!

Denial will not get you any younger.

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6 Responses to Check If You Are Old

  1. Omar says:

    I have to admit , # 3 , 4 ,10 are happening already.
    oh dear lord, am old !!! i passed midlife crises stage and didn’t even feel it.

    • The fighter jet pilots says that you do not feel anything when you do a super sonic bomb (passing the sound barrier). So I don’t think we should feed anything when we pass the age barrier.

  2. rossa says:

    Signs are there but growing older means we have passed the test of time not only physically but also mentally, I suppose. Growing older means we become more seasoned and refined. It’s a cliche’ but it’s true – that life experiences are the best teacher and we learn a lot from them.

    • I agree with you and thank you for your valuable comments. Life experiences are the best teacher, but some men avoid admitting that they are old which means they are experience and wise gentlemen

  3. Hellraiser says:

    LOL Hillarious! The sad part I am living it 😦

    • Not only you living it. Many people admitted that to me (or at least admitted some of the points). The main think that you grow up gracefully and leave a legacy after you. Steven Covey said about our experience in live “To live, to love, to leave a legacy”.

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