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My hand writing is impossible to read. It is so bad that I sometimes can’t read it. My Arabic hand writing is even worse than English. People who saw my hand writing told me that it looks bad enough to be mistaken for doctor’s prescription. To overcome this handicap, I started learning Arabic calligraphy in an attempt to improve my hand writing. The result of my calligraphy attempt is improving my calligraphy skills and worsening my handwriting! For English, I did not try to improve anything, I just learned touch-typing and that’s it. Whenever I need to write a note, letter or comment, I just use the laptop or my iPhone to key-in the words and then hit “send”. One of the main reasons I write this post in English is because my English typing is lightning fast when compared with Arabic typing.

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5 Responses to My Hand Writing

  1. kha025 says:

    We wanted to know which type of calligraphy you are mastering, Naskh, Kofi, Farisi, Failakawi …. 🙂

  2. I am learning “Thuluth” and trying my best to master it, but limitation on my available time is not helping me. Thank you for your contribution to the blog post.

  3. Dr Abeer says:

    In my opinion that to have a nice hand writting is a talent and a gift from God. So I think God have given you other talents and took away this one. A talented person who works on improving his weakness and strengthening his strong points.

  4. Well said Doctor. Thank you.

  5. Bu Yousef says:

    I love calligraphy… Keep at it 🙂

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