Try Listening to Your Books


Freakonomics my favorite book

AudioI love to read and I am sure that you like it too because you chose to spend some time reading (or listing) to this post. I do not read newspapers though, I just skim through the newspaper‘s pages and then throw it away every morning. Few yours ago I heard about the audio books, and I thought of trying them instead of reading the regular paper back books. I did not like it in the beginning because I like the feel of holding the book and  paging through it, but then I liked the convenience of listening to the book while I am on the move.  The main problem with audio books is the impression they give to others. When you see somebody holding a book you would imagine that they are educating themselves.

I am listening to

I am listening to

But if you see somebody inserting those white ear-buds in their ears and listing to an audio book you would think that they are wasting time listening some useless music. Do not get me wrong, I like music and I am now listening to one of the Smooth Jazz internet radio channels now while writing this post.

I was able to read, or better said, listen to a book every week. Which total to almost 50 books every year. I listen to the book while I am driving, walking or while exercising in the gym. Below I listed (alphabetically) some of the books I listened to in the past few months and I would like to recommend them to you. Go ahead try listening to books instead of reading them and let me know about your new experience. Also, please recommend for me a good book that you read and enjoyed.

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4 Responses to Try Listening to Your Books

  1. G’day Sami, We tried audio books when my partner had a BCC cut from the bridge of his nose and couldn’t put his glasses on for a while. We enjoyed the experience of sharing a book together and you also have to listen to it with your total attention, almost a meditation as you shut out all other thoughts.

  2. Yes, you are right. Sometimes you need total attention while listening to an audio book. I like listening while walking in the public park and my eyes wondering in the beautiful scenery.

  3. Dr Abeer says:

    For me I still find some difficulty in grasping or concentrating with audiobooks….still I prefer to hold the book in my hands and use a bookmark to know where I have reached……any suggestion to get concentrated with an audiobooks??…

  4. According to the Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and the learning theories that people learn or absorb knowledge according to their preferred senses. Some like visual methods, others by listening and the remaining by hands-on experience. The best way of learning would be by combining 2 or all of the methods to learn more effectively. Listening might not be suitable for you but you will excel in the other methods. However, give it another try when you are in a mood to read but don’t want to hold a book.

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