Customer Retention in The Local Barbershop

Local Barbershop

AudioI am at the age where hair cut means hair “cut”. I do not make an appointments with fancy hair dressers to cut my hair. I just walk through one of the nearby barber shops and trim whatever hair dear to grow at the top of my head. I don’t use gooey gels, vitamin-enriched shampoos or style my hair differently for those special evenings. The local barbers in Kuwait (and neighboring countries) are a good case study for customer satisfaction and customer retention. They are relatively clean and use disinfected utensils. Most of them updated their tools and started using hair driers and special  creams for facial treatments which I never used before in these barber shops or plane to use in the future. Entertainment is the newest thing in the local barber shops. Lately, every barbershop you visit would have his TV switched to one of the satellite channels showing a program in his native language (Hindi, Turkish or Bangladeshi). On top of the noise coming from the TV you would hear the barbers loudly talking to each other, using a language you would not understand. When they look at each other and smile I wonder if they are talking about my newly developed bold spot on the back of my head? I think the local barbershop has two main factors helping them retaining customers. First is the convenient location, since they are located in the neighborhood and it would be easy for the customers to just walk in. The other important factor is the low prices they charge for 30 minutes of customized personal services. Sometimes they offer free head and shoulder massage when the business is slow. Other than these factors I don’t think anybody with his right state of mind would set a foot in these shops.

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4 Responses to Customer Retention in The Local Barbershop

  1. Helal Al-helal says:

    Since 1995 ’till today, strongly agree with you I could not understand a word, with the hair loss in reaching the red sign 🙂 but there is a kind of loyalty, although since the barbers are a family from the great grandfather to the grandsons. Now I guess they can run for the mayor elections, “simply” because they know every house in the 4 blocks area -Khaldya- in my case.

    thank you

    • You are right, some of the barbershops are handed over from one generation to the next. They Know the locals by name and hair cut preference. Only because they are in the neighboring area and you had the relationship with them that make you reuse their services.

  2. Nihar Ranjan Pal says:

    My experience at the local barbershop in Kuwait has been that invariable the barber is from either from B’Desh or Pakistan and they try to convince me that big brother India is the villain of the piece in the sub continent. I dont dare contradict them as they have me by the neck so to speak..But in general they are well meaning guys..

  3. Vraiment intéressant : je crois que ce poste intéresserait une meuf

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