What is behavior?

Jujitsu fighters

What kind of behavior we show during sport? Photo by: Tariq Malallah

AudioHuman behavior according to Wikipedia dictionary is “Social norms is the influence of social pressure that is perceived by the individual to perform or not perform a certain behavior. Merriam-Webster’s Medical Dictionary define behavior as “the response of an individual, group, or species to its environment.” I looked up my old Longman Dictionary, which I used in High School,  and find a simple definition for behavior and it is “the things a person or animal does.” Behavior can be obvious to the observer or hidden. Type of motive that generates the behavior and the chance to meet the desired goal mold the individual’s behavior. Behavioral scientists see behavior as actions that can be accurately identified and observed by different observers.

Some strange behaviors we sometimes notice that does not make sense to us, but to the others, the behavior is perfectly normal. I love soccer (football)  and I use to play it when I was young. But now I see soccer as an entertainment business. Highly paid professionals play live to a large audience in the field and live on TV. The strange behavior I notice is the emotional attachment some of the sport fans show for their teams. They are so loyal to the point where fights and riots can take place when their team lose the match. The sport fan go crazy after the game while the players shake each other’s hand, take cold shower and go home safe! And make good money out of it.

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