Balancing Your Life

Jack Welch

Jack Welch

AudioMost of us are working hard to achieve their best at work. Many of us are dedicated to their families and try to enjoy their social life more than they should. Choosing between work and social life is like asking a kid to choice between chocolate and Ice cream. Many professionals bring their work home and spend more time working than relaxing with their families. I have to admit that I am one of them! We work hard to get that trophy, promotion, or appreciation letter and neglect our families and friends. Our children do not care about our achievements at work, they do not know about them and don’t care. All they need from us is our presence and uninterrupted attention.

Jack Welch lead GE for thirty years to make it one of the best companies in the USA and retired with a salary of $8 million per year. Fortune magazine named him “Manager of the Century” and he was famous for saying “Control your own destiny or someone else will.” In a recent message through twitter, Jack said “Surprised to find how much more photos of family and friends mean than work memorabilia and magazine covers.”

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6 Responses to Balancing Your Life

  1. Dr Abeer says:

    You are absolutely right. You might find yourself planning somebody’s life and forgetting to plan your life. Some would call this negligence, others would say you are very kind and considerate. It’s you again who choose which person to be.

  2. adel alqattan says:

    Balancing you life is the right topic for those who feel work is life, I believe this blog can support and improve the vision of today’s leader.
    Excellent work and urge people to interact with the blog.

  3. Nihar Ranjan Pal says:

    Spot on, balancing ones job responsibilities with their social ones is a fine act that few have mastered. We should all strive for some parity in our responsibilities.

  4. Fahad Malallah says:

    Yeah you are right I can’t stop thinking about work, even before I go to sleep, I review my work day. I don’t know if it’s a bad habit or I do care a lot about my job.

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