What happen to my Latte !

AudioI have to admit that I have not been out in a big shopping Mall for a while. I did not sit in a fancy café for some time. I usually grab my skimmed-milk latte from Starbucks while I am on the move. I did not enjoy a good cup of coffee in a café for long time because, like most of you, I am busy! My definition of good coffee is the one gets grinded every time you order it to the point where you can smell the aroma from a long distance.
Today was the day were I sat in one of those fancy, every thing is organic, kind of café. I asked for my skimmed-milk latte and I got this unusual cup which looks like a bowl. I did not know how to hold the cup since no handle was visible from all sides. I looked around me to see if somebody else had the same cup so I can learn how to drink it, but unfortunately I was the only one. So, I held the cup with both hands, similar to the way Japanese hold their traditional tea-cup, and drank it quickly before anybody could notice. Did I do it right? Take a look at the cup.

Cup of Coffee

How can you hold a cup without a handle?

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8 Responses to What happen to my Latte !

  1. Dr Abeer says:

    That was a bit strange,but may be they have invented a different way 2 drink coffee other than what we are used to…..so go with the flow and drink it as japanese do…..but imagine it as a latte…

  2. Shuaib Malallah says:

    The way you drank it is the best way. The other way is to hold the cup in one hand, but that will burn your hand.

    • Waqas Yasin Amin says:

      I disagree. I guess these disposable cups are designed in such a way, they do not burn your hand =)

      • I would agree with you if the cup is one of those disposable cups. Unfortunately, the cup was reusable cup made of ceramic and shaped like a bowl (which we normally use for soup.)

  3. Fahad Malallah says:

    Strange really strange. Brother stick with star bucks as usual.

    • You are right, but sometimes we have to change either by choice or by force! and that was the result of changing my fresh coffee source.

      • Iqra says:

        I usually do enjoy both the World Cup and the European Cup. (The Netherlands is a major socecr country: it’s our national pastime. Normal socecr competitions get us hot and bothered, so the EK and WK are truly awesome.) But this year I’m in the middle of finals and can’t find the time to go watch them with friends in a bar somewhere the way world cup games should rightfully be enjoyed. But it’s been interesting, to say the least, to watch the streets turn orange (our national color) while not participating in the orange-craziness (as we call it in Dutch) myself.

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