Permission Marketing Without Permission

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Many marketers distort the truth

AudioPermission marketing is a term invent by the marketing expert Seth Godin. Permission marketing developed from a simple gesture when the customer let the marketers to advertise their products or services directly to the customer. The customer wants the advertisement or knowledge and he or she gave the permission to be contacted when the information is available. Some of you had filled forms on the internet to subscribe in one of the internet sites. While filling the form you will notice that a small sentence asking you to subscribe to their services, send you a news letter or send you an update on their product as soon as they are available. You have to select (or check) the option to permit the site to send you that information otherwise the information will be direct annoyance. Some markets would broaden their annoyance by selling your information to other markets to sell it again to another …. and suddenly you are flooded with spam email.

In the past few years I notice that charity societies and small stores are becoming professional in non-permission marketing. The teller would ask you for your address or mobile phone number when you buy a small item or donate small amount of money. You will start receiving SMS messages or big envelops in the mail starting from that moment you give up your information. It will be almost impossible to stop the direct advertisement you got yourself into.

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