Speeding Taxi

Few weeks ago I was in Qatar attending a conference. I stayed in one of the top hotels which was a bit expensive when compared with the prices in the surrounding countries.  I noticed, without exception, that taxi drivers in Qatar are speeding as if they are in a race. The way they change lanes and accelerate is unnecessary, and when you ask them to slow down they will respect your wish but will go back to their speeding routine as if it is an old habit they can not drop.

My last trip to Washington DC

Snow in DC

Snow in Washington DC (December 2009)

My last trip to Washington DC was successful except for the unexpected snow that recorded the highest snowfall in the 140 years record. I chose Qatar airways as the choice carrier and was glad that I did so. They have friendly, professional, and dedicated staff serving you in a well maintained new aircrafts. Some of you are wandering about the price; well… it is 50% less that United Airline for the same flight.

Dulles airport closed the night before my return flight but was luckily opened 12 hours before my boarding time.

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